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Download Lecture10 Rar

The labs are intended to give a hands-on experience and help to set you up for doing the projects. You are encouraged to work on the labs together to learn from each other and discuss problems. As the background knowledge between participants usually varies much, you are encouraged to explore on your own and discuss in groups. You can download lab instructions below:

Download Lecture10 rar

With the projects you are supposed to show that you have grasped and understood the material presented in the course and show that you can make proper use of the programming languages in order to solve a task. The projects are to be undertaken individually. You can download the project instructions below:

In order to provide an identical environment for all students working on the C and C++ projects, an Ubuntu virtual machine was prepared in VirtualBox. The VM has all the required tools preinstalled (gcc/g++/emacs/SDL etc.) and will be used to run the submitted project code for grading. You can download a RAR compressed VirtualBox VM here.

To use the virtual machine, download and install VirtualBox. Then, download and unpack the virtual machine and add it to VirtualBox using Machine->Add. To exchange files between the virtual machine (guest operating system) and your OS (host OS), use shared folders. More information about VirtualBox can be found here. 041b061a72


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