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Where To Buy Michigan Ladders HOT!

Seyfarth Synopsis: The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration has amended its construction safety and health standards for fixed and portable ladders. The updated standard adds specified requirements for the use of self-supporting portable ladders.

where to buy michigan ladders


Inside its 75,000-square-foot ladder warehouse on East Forest Avenue, wooden, fiberglass and aluminum ladders line the walls, waiting to be shipped in bulk orders to commercial and industrial clients.

However, by the end of November, the company plans to invest in new manufacturing equipment, allowing it to stop purchasing fiberglass ladders overseas and begin manufacturing them in the Ypsilanti warehouse.

When operations began, lumber was delivered from a sawmill east of River Street. Ladders were made by hand and sold from a horse drawn wagon. A railroad siding was laid down from the Michigan Central tracks and into the plant in 1917, so lumber could be received and finished ladders shipped. The tracks fell into disuse and were removed in the 1980's, as rail service declined. Shipping is now done by trucks

Extension ladders lean against a house and are capable of reaching very tall heights. They are not self-supporting and so are ideal for tasks along the walls of a house or up on the roof, such as painting, window cleaning, siding repair, or roof repair. An extension ladder actually consists of two ladders, namely a fly section nested within a base section, both of identical length. With the use of a pulley system, you can extend the fly section upward and lock it at your desired height.

As for overall build quality, the Gorilla GLF-5X is fully functional and I always felt secure on it. During our extreme wobble tests, however, it had more side-to-side movement than the Werner stepladder, and when we set it up on uneven surfaces (such as a lumpy lawn), it had more flex as it adjusted to the contours of the ground. When you use any stepladder, you should ensure that the legs are level, either by digging one slightly into the ground or supporting one with a shim (such as a wide board). Under normal circumstances, with the legs leveled, the two ladders seemed to offer a similar amount of stability in our tests.

The Werner PDFS103 Type I Fiberglass Podium Ladder has a platform-step design similar to the Gorilla GLF-5X, but it has only a single such step, whereas the Gorilla has two. The reach on this ladder is also only 9 feet, not 10 as on the Gorilla.

Founded in 1901, Michigan Ladder is the oldest ladder manufacturer in the United States. The company has taken care to preserve manufacturing methods over its nearly 110 year history, continuing the same techniques to make wood ladders as were present during its founding.

All of our wood ladders have our exclusive "Silk Finish" that truly separates our products from the rest. Wrap around top ears for top protection. Solid 3/8" plywood pail shelf. Shelf-locked spreaders. Rod locked safety grooved steps. Blind bore back legs with horizontal bars every two feet. Flush front steps. High quality finished rails with eased edges. Rails ends are angle cut for full ground contact. One inch outside washers. Bottom step angle braced.

The recall involves only models manufactured from September 2007 through October 2007. The model number and the manufacturing date code are located on the left side rail of the ladders. Ladders with two green dots near the bottom of the left side base rail have already been inspected or repaired and are not included in the recall.

Today, we take you to Michigan Ladder Company. 89.1 WEMU's Jorge Avellan spent time with the folks at the Ypsilanti factory that makes products found everywhere from Washtenaw County, to the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, to the White House.

Over the years, trends changed, and the company started producing aluminum and fiberglass ladders. A popular one called "Double Front Steps," because you're able to climb it from both sides, is assembled using machinery.

The fishermen and fisheries along the Grand River depend on the Sixth Street Dam to provide them with a steady supply of stock, so it is not likely going anywhere anytime soon. Which may be just as well as it would eliminate the spectacle of the jumping fish.

From the beginning, Michigan Ladder Co. proved to be a step ahead of its competition. In 1903, The Ypsilantian reported that the company had 13 employees and a rushing business, having orders for ladders several weeks ahead. A year later, Lewis patented an automatic safety lock for extension ladders, and by 1907 the company employed 35 men in the factory, and six salesmen who took orders across the Midwest and eastern United States. 041b061a72


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