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[S2E5] Map 1213

Map 1213 is the 27th episode of the television series Prison Break and is the 05th episode of its 2nd Season. It was written by Karyn Usher and directed by Peter O'Fallon. The episode first aired on September 18, 2006.

[S2E5] Map 1213

Driving along Highway 150 towards Salt Lake City, Utah, Michael and Lincoln find out via a radio report that the Fox River Eight has become the Fox River Seven after the death of John Abruzzi. Lincoln suggests that they could keep driving to Arizona to pick up L. J. and head immediately to Panama. Michael becomes agitated as he reminds Lincoln that they need Westmoreland's money before they can do anything. Michael and Lincoln head to a municipal building in Utah. They locate books of old maps which contain all the details of the area including topography. However, upon finding the index entry of "Karl Kokosing", who was referred to as "Double-K" (and whose Double-K Ranch Westmoreland had hid the money in), the page which they needed, Map 1213, was already ripped out. As they leave the building, Lincoln sees T-Bag walking outside the building. They capture T-Bag and force him to reveal where the map is. T-Bag tells them that he has already teamed up with Tweener, and that Tweener is the one with the map. Michael and Lincoln lock T-Bag in the trunk of their car before they proceed to find Tweener. In the meantime, Tweener attempts to purchase a shovel in a hardware store but the clerk recognizes him and beats him with a baseball bat. However, as he pulls Tweener into the back room, Michael and Lincoln intervene. After being rescued, Tweener tells them that T-Bag has the map. They go back to the car to find that T-Bag has memorized the map and eaten it. T-Bag agrees to take Michael and Lincoln to the Ranch in exchange for a fair cut. When they arrive at the designated location, they did not find the silo which Westmoreland mentioned but a subdivision. 041b061a72


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