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This was posted on our blog as well...Herewith my reply (eight hours ago - still waiting for an email...)Jeff,Whoever you are, I do not recall receiving a mail from you.Email me on*,**In the interests of free speech, and contrary to your expectations, Iwill not remove this post from our blog.As for your comment about affiliate revenue from the blog - what onearth would be the point of that when it is our blog and we own thesoftware???I am particularly concerned about your comment that you cannot getinformation from Google?Please email me directly - I will not start a conversation with youhere.

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Interesting post Aaron. My data is a bit dated (several years old) but I did pretty extensive testing on this subject with a Fortune 200 brand - actually did it with 3 of their brands. We set up fairly well controlled tests to gauge the effect on Clicks, CTR and most importantly sales and ROI when running adwords campaigns on branded keywords vs. not running the adwords campaigns. We even took into account email and display campaigns to normalize the data as much as possible. For all three brands there was a net incremental jump in clicks and esp sales of 15-30% depending upon the brand. Again, the data is old, but the results were consistent. The incremental increase far outweighed the canabalization. A lot of that was due to the conversion rate strength of branded keywords. Food for thought. 041b061a72


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