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Trivia Crack Gems And Cards

The pink gems in Trivia Crack Adventure, much like the blue gems in Trivia Crack, allow you to purchase extra collectible items. In Trivia Crack Adventure, however, these items are not cards. Instead, you can purchase pawns, frames, or dice with them.

Trivia Crack Gems And Cards

So, what exactly are these items for? First, pawns are character-based collectibles you can use to move around the virtual gameboard. Frames allow you to decorate your profile picture. Last, dice can be purchased to correspond with a certain trivia category. You can exchange gems for a die of your favorite category (geography, entertainment, sports, etc.) and use them to roll on the board for questions from that category specifically.

Since 12th August 2015, Trivia Crack game has added a new feature, the cards. They are collectable items which can allow players to get extra-bonuses in coins, lives, or gems; coins are needed to use power-ups to help answering questions or obtain a second chance after a first mistake during a turn, lives (hearts) allow to play many games simultaneously, while gems are needed to get cards.

To get cards, we need gems. They can be obtained by playing games, or from in-app purchase, or there are some cards which reward gems. When we answer questions, both in challenge and classic game mode, we earn points; when we reach 50 points, a gem is dropped in our account. The point counter is located next to the buttons to like, dislike, report a question or continue the game (in challenges it appears just after having answered the last question), every gem we get, the counter starts from zero. A question answered correctly in classic mode, gives 2 points; while one correct answer in challenges, gives one point. When we win a gem, an alert appears; we can close it, or press the "get more cards" button to reach the cards machine.Prices are quite high for buying gems by in-app purchases, so I'd not suggest to take this step, it's better to earn them by playing.

During particular celebrations or anniversaries, Trivia Crack creates limited edition cards, which usually allow to acquire a card with one gem, by a daily discount, while other cards bought the same day, cost 5 gems each. When limited edition machines disappear from list, they will appear in a so called "VIP machine", and can be bought spending a much higher amount of gems. Here on AppleVis there is a constantly updated list of cards containing all the cards from all machines, with related bonus values. From Trivia Crack update, 2.12, which came out on 13th May 2016, finally bonus values are readable by VoiceOver, but cards database will be updated as well. Let's describe the cards machine's layout: starting from the top left of the screen, a button saying "music on" is focused; its purpose is to turn machine's music on or off. Then, a Close button, and the number of available gems in our account.Sequentially, VIP Machine button is found, entitled Vip_Machine; if no cards are in there, distributor will be empty. After it, there are names of machines, reported twice, as every one has a button, graphically a question mark, which takes to the machine's detail, where number of bonus cards is displayed:

So we can read, for example, 5 x gold, 10 x aqua, etc; there are also other rare cards, black cards, which give very high bonuses, and because of their rarity, they are not included in the machine's detail.In the slot machine's window, flicking to the right after distributor names and buttons, there are the numbers of cards contained in each machine and the cost in gems for each machine's cards. 01 for whimsical, 03 for majestic, 05 for gnarly. And finally, here come the Push buttons, the ones we need to buy cards.With VIP machine, push buttons are seven:The effect is the following:

When limited edition machines are on line, after VIP push and before the couple of push and push x1 buttons described above, there are one or more Push buttons, corresponding to limited edition machines. They should be pressed to get a card from limited machines. Cards are divided into series of 6: after getting 5 cards from the machine, just double-tap the Prize card item, to get the sixth card of the series, which usually has higher bonuses. As cards are randomly chosen from the machine, to check if we have completed a series, it's necessary to go to View my cards option, from trivia crack's home, and double-tap each card to verify if its window opens or if VoiceOver just says Selected. Once pushed the desired push button, a card will be randomly extracted from the chosen machine; it's not possible to choose which cards to get, there is also probability to get duplicate cards so it's suggested to access machine when having a sufficient number of gems. When sound effect and vibration is heard, indicating to have the card in hand, the card's window with description and value opens; in the card window, we can find its description, its bonus value, and 2 buttons, to add it in our dashboard or to share it on social network (card's picture will be shared). Card can be added to our dashboard, located between our turn games and our opponent's turn games.Only 3 cards can be played at once, and it's sufficient to press the "add" button located inside a card's window. A timer, which currently is not readable by VoiceOver, is displayed inside the currently added card's window, to indicate the count down for next bonus. If for example I want to play the card Hector, giving me a gem every 24 hours, and it's 02:00 PM, I add Hector to my dashboard, but I get no bonus immediately. I'll collect the bonus tomorrow at 02:00 PM, when on my dashboard the Collect button appears.If I forget to press Collect, tomorrow at 02:00 PM and remember to press it at 04:00 PM, the day after tomorrow the 24 hours will expire at 04.An advice to new users: collect some cards first, then read the complete list of Trivia crack cards so that anyone can perform his own strategy to play.Cards can be added and replaced any time, and their counter will reset, and restart from zero every time we add a card; they will not be deleted, so every one can play whenever and whatever.

When pressing "Get new cards" button, after Push buttons explained before, a new control, called Exchange, is displayed.This is needed to eliminate duplicated cards: inside each machine, cards of same type can be found, so, they are not usable; now it's possible to sell them.Pressing "exchange" button, we enter cards kiosk; selling 5 cards, gives one gem in return.VoiceOver tells number of currently owned duplicated cards, number 99 indicating we have 99+ gems -if we have more than 100 gems in our account-, and number 5, indicating number of cards we can sell minimum. If our account has less than 5 duplicated cards, exchange cannot be performed.After a single exchange, we must wait for 3 hours before performing another change; to close the kiosk, just press a button on left corner, which is labelled simply as "button".

As said before, cards machines are like slot machines, where cards are extracted randomly. No one can know what card will be extracted, in advance, so, it's quite easy to find duplicates. There is no worry about it, use the Exchange feature to discard duplicates. It's suggested not to buy cards if gems number is near zero; best way to play is always having a gems-rewarding card in the dashboard, with the purpose of never being gemless. Buying gems from store is not recommended at all, as it becomes a hazard play, with the high risk of throwing money away when we get duplicates. Trivia crack's card functionality is made for fun, not for ruining people with hazard.Good luck.

Hello, as some functions have changed in cards, I have updated guide accordingly. Sorry for the very big delay, but I am very busy with other projects so I have left game priority as the very last one, I spend much lesser time playing, right now.In particular, Trivia Crack has:1. Stopped rewarding spins. Now cards give just gems, coins, and lives.2. Added the VIP machine, containing all cards coming from limited edition machines. When limited edition cards are no longer available in dedicated distributors, they're sold in VIP machine - of course with a much more expensive gem price.3. Cards kiosk: now duplicate cards can b e sold, or better, exchanged. 5 duplicated cards, give one gem in return.Thanks.


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