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Since 1998 the Allianz Group has been drawing up its financial statements according to the International Accounting Standards (IAS). Since 2002 the designation "International Financial Reporting Standards" (IFRS) applies to the overall framework of all standards approved by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).

Download National Geo Spa 2022 pdf

Thus the accounting of the Allianz Group is comparable with that of its international peers. The annual financial statement of Allianz SE is drawn up in keeping with the requirements of the HGB (Handelsgesetzbuch = Generally Accepted German Accounting Principles).

The 2020 NSDUH Detailed Tables present national estimates of substance use and mental health. Tables in different sections present data from 2019 and 2020 and data from 2002 to 2020. These tables present information for differences across population subgroups in 2020. In addition, they present information for youths aged 12 to 17 and adults aged 18 or older (separately and combined) on drug, alcohol, and tobacco use, as well as substance use disorder (SUD), risk and availability of substance use, treatment, health topics, and the perceived effects of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Please refer to Chapters 3 and 4 of the Methodological Summary and Definitions report for more information.

Since Hong Kong Disneyland opened in September 2005, it has entertained millions of guests from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Southeast Asia and abroad. As the first Disney resort in China, it features award-winning entertainment and guest services specially-designed for an international audience, brought to life by a multilingual Cast.

In what was my 30th year at IHG - and my fifth as CEO - I will remember 2022 as one of significant achievements delivered by our extraordinary colleagues around the world, which illustrated our ability to strengthen returns and enhance our culture, operations and reputation.

Recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic gathered pace in 2022, with demand returning strongly as restrictions lifted in most markets. Significant investments were made across our enterprise, including in our brands, loyalty offer, digital platforms and sustainability, as we continue to focus on enhancing the guest experience, growing our estate and driving owner returns.

The global hotel industry continued to demonstrate a high degree of resilience through the macroeconomic uncertainties of 2022. As we move into 2023, the capacity for long-term structural growth is clear, illustrated by sustained new hotel openings and signings.

When metadata records are formatted to a common standard, it facilitates the location and readability of the metadata by both humans and machines. NSDI Stakeholders have long utilized the Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata (CSDGM). However, Circular A-119 Revised directs agencies to use voluntary consensus standards in lieu of government-unique standards. Furthermore, Circular A-16 promotes the use of international standards to advance the building of the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSDI). Several ISO metadata standards are now endorsed by the FGDC and federal agencies and NSDI Stakeholders are encouraged to make the transition to ISO metadata.

The spa market is one of the large hit markets in 2020 due to the sudden COVID-19 pandemic. The tourism, accommodation, and food and beverages service sectors, which performed well during 2019, have slowed down due to the lockdowns and the temporary ban on international travel and domestic travel restrictions across the world. The spa market records a sudden drop in revenue and is reviving comparatively slow due to the second wave of the virus across many nations.

Become more immersed in the places and cultures of your favorite destinations with the addition of a pre- or post-trip extension to your National Geographic Expedition Cruise.\n","themes":["title":"IGUAZÚ FALLS EXTENSION","short_description":"Pre- or Post-trip, 5 Days\nSpend several days exploring the largest waterfall system in the world on this post-trip extension to Iguazú Falls. Get up close to roaring cascades on a boat ride to the base of the falls and photograph a panoramic view of rainbow-tinted spray from the river\u2019s edge. Delve into the lush jungles of Iguazú National Park on naturalist-led walks and enjoy Argentine culture and cuisine in Buenos Aires.\n","long_description":"DAY 1: USHUAIA, ARGENTINA / BUENOS AIRES\nDisembark the National Geographic Explorer in Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, then transfer to the airport for our flight to Buenos Aires. Check in to the hotel, which is situated among the fashionable boutiques and galleries of the Recoleta district.\nMeals Included: Breakfast\nAccommodations: Alvear Art Hotel or similar\nDAY 2: IGUAZÚ FALLS\nFly to Iguazú and check in to our hotel, the only hotel within the borders of Iguazú National Park. Enjoy stunning views of Iguazú Falls, the largest waterfall system in the world. Water crashes over a nearly 2-mile span of cliffs, formed by a basaltic rift on the border between Argentina and Brazil. Clouds of mist from the falls soak the surrounding landscape, creating a lush tropical environment harboring several rare species, such as tapirs and jaguars. After lunch, head out on a naturalist-led walk for our first close-up view of the falls. Weather permitting, stroll down the catwalk at river level and board a boat for a ride over the rapids. Forge through the spray as you approach the base of the falls for spectacular views.\nMeals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner\nAccommodations: Meliã Iguazú\nDAY 3: IGUAZÚ FALLS\nThis morning, explore the rich ecosystem of the national park with our local guides, who will give us access to certain areas before they are open to the public. Look out for curious coatis and listen for the distinctive calls of howler monkeys. Keep your camera at the ready to capture brightly colored bird life, including toucans and parrots. Return to the falls this afternoon to explore this natural wonder at your leisure. Savor local cuisine during a dinner in Puerto Iguazú.\nMeals Included: Breakfast, Dinner\nAccommodations: Meliã Iguazú\nDAYS 4 & 5: BUENOS AIRES / U.S.\nFly back to Buenos Aires and gather over a traditional lunch in Recoleta, sampling chorizo or empanadas and a cup of yerba maté. Transfer to the airport to connect with your overnight flight home.\nMeals Included (Day 4): Breakfast, Lunch\n","image":"guid":"b1bbc6ee-efc2-479f-a352-67365717dfb2","imageUrl":" -falls-extension/ushuaia-argentia-iguacu-extension.jpg","title":"736022743","aspectRatio":0.666,"height":666,"width":1000,"altText":"The seaside town of Ushuaia, Argentina set between the Beagle Channel and Martial Mountains","srcset":[" -falls-extension/ushuaia-argentia-iguacu-extension.adapt.133.1.jpg 133w"," -falls-extension/ushuaia-argentia-iguacu-extension.adapt.152.1.jpg 152w"," -falls-extension/ushuaia-argentia-iguacu-extension.adapt.162.1.jpg 162w"," -falls-extension/ushuaia-argentia-iguacu-extension.adapt.210.1.jpg 210w"," -falls-extension/ushuaia-argentia-iguacu-extension.adapt.224.1.jpg 224w"," -falls-extension/ushuaia-argentia-iguacu-extension.adapt.225.1.jpg 225w"," -falls-extension/ushuaia-argentia-iguacu-extension.adapt.280.1.jpg 280w"," -falls-extension/ushuaia-argentia-iguacu-extension.adapt.352.1.jpg 352w"," -falls-extension/ushuaia-argentia-iguacu-extension.adapt.470.1.jpg 470w"," -falls-extension/ushuaia-argentia-iguacu-extension.adapt.536.1.jpg 536w"," -falls-extension/ushuaia-argentia-iguacu-extension.adapt.590.1.jpg 590w"," -falls-extension/ushuaia-argentia-iguacu-extension.adapt.676.1.jpg 676w"," -falls-extension/ushuaia-argentia-iguacu-extension.adapt.710.1.jpg 710w"," -falls-extension/ushuaia-argentia-iguacu-extension.adapt.768.1.jpg 768w"," -falls-extension/ushuaia-argentia-iguacu-extension.adapt.885.1.jpg 885w"," -falls-extension/ushuaia-argentia-iguacu-extension.adapt.945.1.jpg 945w"," -falls-extension/ushuaia-argentia-iguacu-extension.adapt.1190.1.jpg 1190w"," -falls-extension/ushuaia-argentia-iguacu-extension.adapt.1900.1.jpg 1900w"],"icon":"guid":"492ae6eb-39f6-4ace-8a53-c9c1fec0f0f4","imageUrl":" -3.png","aspectRatio":1,"height":298,"width":298,"srcset":[" -3.adapt.133.1.png 133w"," -3.adapt.152.1.png 152w"," -3.adapt.162.1.png 162w"," -3.adapt.210.1.png 210w"," -3.adapt.224.1.png 224w"," -3.adapt.225.1.png 225w"," -3.adapt.280.1.png 280w"," -3.adapt.352.1.png 352w"," -3.adapt.470.1.png 470w"," -3.adapt.536.1.png 536w"," -3.adapt.590.1.png 590w"," -3.adapt.676.1.png 676w"," -3.adapt.710.1.png 710w"," -3.adapt.768.1.png 768w"," -3.adapt.885.1.png 885w"," -3.adapt.945.1.png 945w"," -3.adapt.1190.1.png 1190w"," -3.adapt.1900.1.png 1900w"]]} "heading":"What to Expect","text":"In keeping with the nature of an expedition, we keep our schedule flexible to take advantage of the unexpected, adapting our course to the conditions and opportunities that arise. Your expedition experience can be tailored to the activity level you choose, whether it\u2019s light or moderate or a little of both. Travelers should be in good health, comfortable walking or standing for extended periods of time and over uneven surfaces, and able to get in and out of unstable expedition landing craft. Daily activities may include Zodiac cruises, easy hikes, walking tours, and visits to cultural or historic sites, with options for more physical activities such as longer hikes, biking, or kayaking, dependant on conditions. All departures are family friendly.\nExpedition Team\nA National Geographic expert or photographer joins the expedition team on all departures.\n","displayShowMore":false,"hideImage":false "player":"Video Playlist","heading":"Global Explorers Family Program","theme":"light","background":null,"endpoint":" -cruise/_jcr_content/content/","id":"ocju07s0","template":"trip-detail" "endpoint":" -cruise/_jcr_content/content/","template":"trip-detail" "site":"expeditions","heading":"Dates & Prices","reserveButton":"Reserve Online","expertsOnThisTripText":"Experts on this Trip","reserveButtonUrl":" " "item_id":"wicxwtor","heading":"What's Included","hide_heading":false,"column_width":"full","numColumns":1,"columns":["paragraphs":["type":"text","content":"Extensions","type":"text","content":"For voyages aboard the National Geographic Explorer, National Geographic Endurance, or National Geographic Resolution add an extension in Buenos Aires or to Iguazú Falls or Easter Island. For voyages aboard the National Geographic Orion, add an extension in Santiago or to Easter Island. Please call for details."]] "item_id":"qubejsue","heading":"What's Included","hide_heading":false,"column_width":"half","numColumns":2,"columns":["paragraphs":["type":"text","content":"What's Included","type":"text","content":" \n Transfers upon arrival/departure for guests booked on recommended group flights \n Accommodation aboard the world-class expedition ships of the National Geographic-Lindblad fleet or a luxury chartered ship \n Meals as indicated in the itinerary \n Daily activities and excursions as indicated in the itinerary \n Alcoholic beverages aboard our ship \n Gratuities \n"],"paragraphs":["type":"text","content":"What's Not Included","type":"text","content":" \n Airfare to and from destination, as well as internal airfare where applicable \n Trip cancellation insurance or any other travel insurance \n Visas \n","type":"myOwnRoom","content":"heading":"My Own Room","body":"During your trip, sometimes it's just more convenient and comfortable to have your own room. That's why we offer the "My Own Room" option - a single room all to yourself.","overrideTripType":false]] "endpoint":" -cruise/_jcr_content/content/" "excludeGuids":["1c2d18a3-e7a3-5e8b-9a9e-b05de00acbc0"],"taxonomy":["tags":["Antarctica"],"elastic_field_name":"region","queryOperator":"OR","tags":[],"elastic_field_name":"destination","queryOperator":"OR"],"configuration":"DYNAMIC","numRows":1,"pageSize":3,"showAll":false,"showMoreButtonLabel":"Show More","hideImages":false,"hideTitles":false,"heading":"Related Trips\n","titlePosition":"left","elastic_config":"api_key_search":"search-vjxffisftedmikv6v84ghqgp","api_endpoint":"","api_search_engine_trips":"prod-natgeoexp-expeditions-trips","api_search_engine_experts":"prod-natgeoexp-expeditions-experts","facet_orders":"activity_level":["Light","Light or Moderate","Light/Moderate","Light Moderate","Moderate","Moderate/Strenuous","Moderate Strenuous","Strenuous","Maximum"],"transport_tags":["National Geographic Endeavour II","National Geographic Explorer","National Geographic Islander","National Geographic Orion","National Geographic Quest","National Geographic Sea Bird","National Geographic Sea Lion","National Geographic Venture","Delfin II","Jahan","Lord of the Glens","Sea Cloud","M.V. Stella Australis","M.V. Ventus Australis","Scenic Amber","Scenic Aura","Scenic Azure","Scenic Crystal","Scenic Diamond","Scenic Opal","Scenic Ruby","Yangtze Explorer","Yangtzi Explorer","Yangzi Explorer","Golden Eagle Train"],"trip_type_icons":"University Workshop":null,"Private Jet":"/content/dam/expeditions/Icons/Jet.svg","Photo":null,"Community Service":null,"Expedition Cruise":"/content/dam/expeditions/Icons/Expeditioncruises.svg","Active":"/content/dam/expeditions/Icons/Active.svg","Journeys":"/content/dam/expeditions/Icons/Journeys.svg","Signature Land":"/content/dam/expeditions/Icons/Land.svg","Family":"/content/dam/expeditions/Icons/Family.svg","River":"/content/dam/expeditions/Icons/River.svg","Expeditions":null,"Private Expedition":"/content/dam/expeditions/Icons/Private-custom.svg","Train":"/content/dam/expeditions/Icons/Train.svg","Lodge":"/content/dam/expeditions/Icons/Lodges.svg","Photography Workshop":null,"tooltips":"activity_level":"Light: Daily activities may include city walking tours, visits to sites, game drives on bumpy roads, or easy hikes.\nLight/Moderate: Daily activities may include city walking tours, visits to sites, game drives, or easy hikes, with options for more physical activities such as hiking, kayaking, snorkeling and biking.\nLight or Moderate: Travelers can choose between a light or moderate activity level. For a light level of activity, daily activities may include city walking tours, visits to sites, game drives on bumpy roads, or easy hikes. For a moderate level, travelers should be prepared for multiple hours of physical activity (e.g. hiking, kayaking, biking) each day.\nModerate: Travelers should be physically fit and prepared for multiple hours of activity (e.g. hiking, kayaking, biking) each day.\nModerate/Strenuous: Travelers should be physically fit and prepared for multiple hours of activity (e.g. hiking, kayaking, biking) each day. Certain days may have more challenging physical activity, such as ascents/descents on steep mountainous terrain.\nStrenuous: Designed for experienced active travelers in excellent physical condition, these itineraries may include full-day hikes (sometimes at high altitude) or full-day kayaking excursions. Trails often include steep ascents/descents on mountainous terrain, with some exposed sections.\nMaximum: The ultimate challenge for serious hikers who are very fit and have experience hiking or trekking at high elevations. These itineraries include numerous challenging, full-day hikes.\n","service_level":"Casual trips offer immersive travel experiences at an unbeatable value with free time and plenty of choices built into the itineraries. Accommodations are comfortable, well-located, and modest. Trips are led by dynamic local guides, some meals and activities are included, and transportation is provided for included excursions.\n\nPremium expeditions are led by a National Geographic expert, an expedition team, or top guides, and tap into National Geographic's worldwide resources to allow for in-depth exploration and special access to sites and experts in the field. Itineraries are fully planned, with some free time. Accommodations are high-end or best available. Ground transportation and most meals and activities are included in the trip price.\n\nUltimate expeditions feature sweeping, themed itineraries that cover great distances using a specially configured private jet. These itineraries are fully planned and comprise private performances, special access to sites, and visits with local experts. Services include travel by private jet, a team of National Geographic experts, local guides, a dedicated flight staff and expedition manager, world-class meals and accommodations, and ground transportation.\n","trip_search_sort_order":["name":"new_trip","label":"New","direction":"desc","name":"lowest_available_price","label":"$ Low - High","direction":"asc","name":"lowest_available_price","label":"$ High - Low","direction":"desc","name":"departure_date","label":"Departure Date","direction":"asc","name":"duration","label":"Shortest - Longest","direction":"asc"],"expert_search_sort_order":["name":"featured","label":"Featured","direction":"desc","name":"last_name","label":"Last Name (A-Z)","direction":"asc","name":"last_name","label":"Last Name (Z-A)","direction":"desc","name":"first_name","label":"First Name (A-Z)","direction":"asc","name":"first_name","label":"First Name (Z-A)","direction":"desc"],"template":"trip-detail" 1996-2023 National Geographic Society. 041b061a72


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