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Too Faced A Few Of My Favorite Things Buy Online NEW!

I say Vice 2 AND Too Faced A Few of My Favorite Things!!! Hahaha, well, at least that's what I got myself for the holidays! Of the two, I actually say A few of my favorite things is my favorite ( I know I know, i'm surprised too)

too faced a few of my favorite things buy online

There are a few different ways you can organize your gift exchange. For large groups, you can set a higher budget ($20-$40) and have guests bring only one gift to swap Dirty Santa-style. For small groups, establish a lower price limit ($5-$10) and ask everyone to bring multiples of the same gift, one for each guest. Or if your party size falls somewhere in the middle, have guests bring three of the same item in the $5-$15 range, and swap in three rounds. Ahead we share our go-to sources for holiday gift ideas under $20, under $10, and even our favorite things under $5.

For medium-sized groups, have guests bring three identical gifts unwrapped. Display all the favorite things in the center of the room or on a table. Have everyone share why they brought their favorite thing, then draw numbers from a bowl. In numerical order, take turns selecting a gift from the pile. That gift is yours to keep, with no swapping, or stealing. Do this for three separate rounds, redrawing numbers from a bowl each time.

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