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Mr. Evil

Douglas Powers, commonly known as Dr. Evil, is a fictional character portrayed by Mike Myers in the Austin Powers film series. He is the main antagonist and Austin Powers' nemesis (and secret twin brother). He is a parody of James Bond villains, primarily Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Dr. Evil routinely hatches schemes to terrorize and take over the world, and is usually accompanied by "Number Two", a goon who fronts his evil corporation Virtucon Industries, his cat Mr. Bigglesworth and his sidekick Mini-Me, a dwarf clone of himself.

Mr. Evil

Dr. Evil has a strained relationship with his son Scott (played by Seth Green), even liquidating their therapy group over an accusation of insolence. Scott points out Dr. Evil's incompetence and immaturity, as well as obvious mistakes and flaws in his plans. Scott later grows more "evil" and momentarily gains his father's respect, especially after Scott provides him a pool filled with sharks with laser-beams attached to their heads. When Dr. Evil switches sides to help Austin save the world, Scott takes over as the head of the evil organization.

Thirty years later, the Big Boy rocket broke orbit and returned to Earth, travelling to his underground lair in Nevada. However, due to a complication in the unfreezing process, his cat, Mr. Bigglesworth, lost all his fur, and Dr. Evil burns Mustafa for his mistake. He then began to plot evil, much to the chagrin of his associate, Number Two, who had spent the past thirty years turning Dr. Evil's front company, Virtucon, into a multi-billion dollar corporation.

While in maximum security, Dr. Evil is visited by Austin, who needs information about Goldmember. After reminding Austin of their academy days, Dr. Evil gives Austin information on when Goldmember is in exchange for a transfer to a regular prison. After his transfer, Dr. Evil is visited by Frau. After the story of his birth, Frau tells him that Scott is joining the family business of evil, and is even losing his hair. While Austin is busy in 1975, Dr. Evil does a rendition of "Hard Knock Life" along with Mini-Me in order to convince the other inmates to create a distraction so he can escape prison.

After his escape, Dr. Evil makes contact with Goldmember, who has come to the future with Austin Power's father, Nigel Powers, and they worked together on the Preparation H Project. It is during this time that his son Scott embraces becoming evil to the point that he starts losing his hair, and he is won over by Scott presenting him with what he always wanted: "Frickin' sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads." The now-shunned Mini-Me leaves, and later defects to Austin's side.

During the climax of the film, Nigel Powers steps in to protect Dr. Evil from Austin Powers, and finally reveals the truth that Doctor Evil is also his son, and Austin and Douglas are twin brothers. Touched by this, Doctor Evil decides to abandon the plan and turn good, much to Scott's dismay and anger and turning evil. Austin and Dr. Evil work together to stop Goldmember from using the Preparation H tractor beam to destroy the world, and Goldmember is arrested. Scott succeeds him afterwards.

Dr. Evil is unquestionably a genius. Inventing numerous "evil" devices to further his goals which tend to shift between global domination and global destruction fairly frequently. He has, however, described himself as a "hands off" type of genius meaning he prefers others to do the manual work for him. Those others, he would like, are deaf and blind so they cannot see the good guys coming. He feels he doesn't need an adversary; he could be better off just winning. Therefore, he is his own worst enemy.

Although fully aware of his evil nature, he apparently has some reservations, as when Goldmember offered to paint Austin Powers' crotch gold, Dr. Evil slowly approached Goldmember with evident disgust on his face and bluntly refused his offer. Similarly, when Mr. Roboto was executed, he was shown to be somewhat disturbed by Scott Evil's more excessive laughter.

Mr. Evil Questioning often boasts that he is the child of Human Reason; but I will let you know a secret or two about his parentage. Mr. Human Reason has once a very respectable man. He had a country-seat in the gardens of Paradise, and he was then great and honorable. He served his God with all his might and many a great and marvellous thing did he discover for the good of mankind; at that time he had a family, and they were all like himself, right good and loyal. But after the fall this man married again, and he took to himself one called Sin to be his partner, and this old Evil Questioning was one that was born after the fall. He does not belong to the first family at all. The first family was not so numerous as the last. There was one called Right Judgment born at that time. I hope he is still alive, and I believe he is. But the second family was very black and of tainted blood. They did not take at all after the father, except in one point, that at the time of the fall Mr. Human Reason lost his country-seat at Paradise, and together with the rest of the servants of Adam fell from his high estate and became perverted and depraved. His children are like him in their depravity, but not in their power of reasoning. They take after their mother, and they always have a predilection for sin, so that they "put darkness for light and light for darkness, bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter." The old gentleman never mentions his mother's name if he can help it. He always likes to boast that he is a lineal descendant of Human Reason, and so indeed he is, but he is a descendant of fallen Human Reason, not of Human Reason as it was in its glorious perfection. Now, all the powers of Adam were by the fall spoiled and ruined. They are there, but their bias was turned from that which is good to that which is evil, and now reason is not a trustworthy guide. Enlightened by the Spirit of God it can judge righteous judgment, but unenlightened and uninstructed, its bias is towards that which shall excuse man in his rebellion, which shall dishonor God, and which shall seek to raise the human race in proud rebellion against their Lord and Master.

I must give you a bit from John Bunyan's Holy War, for it is so wonderfully suggestive, and so thoroughly worthy of its quaint author. Mr. Evil Questioning was detected harbouring four doubters, who had come to attack the town of Mansoul; when he was brought up, the indictment was that he had studied the ruin of the town of Mansoul, that he had feloniously and treacherously harboured four of the king's enemies, and that he had expressed in the hearing of one Mr. Diligence, his wish that there were ten thousand such doubters in Mansoul. The old fellow when he was brought before the bar, first denied his name, and said his real name was Mr. Honest Enquiry, but when it was proved that he was old Evil Questioning, for Lord Will-be-will in the time of his evil estate had known him very intimately, then the old fellow pleaded "Not Guilty," and he began at once to utter his defense. "I answer," said Evil Questioning "the men that came into my house were strangers, and I took them in, and is it now become a crime in Mansoul for a man to entertain strangers? That I also nourished them is true, and why should my charity be blamed? As for the reason why I wished ten thousand of them in Mansoul, I never told it to the witnesses nor to themselves. I might wish them to be taken, and so might wish well to the town of Mansoul. I also bid them take heed that they fell not into the Captain's hands, but that might be because I am unwilling that any man should be slain, and not because I would have the king's enemies escape." So Mr. Evil Questioning was true to his name, he kept on questioning till the verdict was given, the sentence of death pronounced, and carried into execution; for they hanged him, as Bunyan says, opposite the door of his own house at the top of Bad Street, Ah! but I am afraid that he is alive now, still living and going about: I wish therefore to bring him up again to trial, and we will see if we cannot bring some charges against him; we will empanel an honest jury, and I know what the sentence will be, we shall lead him out to execution.

I have thus spoken in the form of an allegory. If I have put in some words of pleasantry, it was that I might engage your attention. I feel the subject to be awfully solemn, and it is necessary that we should all think of it, and I hope you will think of it none the less because it has been clothed somewhat in an allegorical form, and because I have tried to represent this evil habit as though it were an evil being that sought your destruction. My concluding head is especially addressed to the people of God, and to them I hope it will be very interesting.

In Dr. Evil's absence, his organization, Virtucon, continued to grow economically to fund their evil deeds and kept several parties employed. His companies fared so well even that one company alone made several times more than the evil doctor originally intended to ransom the entire world. Also during his absence, Dr. Evil's son Scott was born.

In the third movie, it is revealed that he is in fact Austin Powers' twin brother, Douglas (or "Dougie") and Nigel Powers' second son, and the two team up to stop van der Smut. In the end, both Dr. Evil and Mini-me are reformed with Scott Evil, his son, being in command of his evil organization, and Goldmember being the real destroyer.

In the third movie, it is revealed that Nigel Powers is his father and Dr Evil is Douglas Powers, Nigel's other son and Austin's twin brother. One day his family drove for a trip to Belgium, where Nigel stopped in the field to urinate, when the family car exploded, killing Austin and Douglas' mother. Nigel assumed only Austin had survived the explosion. Douglas survived only because Mrs. Powers' corpse shielded him from the blast. Nigel also told him it was no accident, but an assassination attempt. Douglas was found by two Belgians, who raised him into the evil person he is today. 041b061a72


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