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Origins Immersion: Dragon _VERIFIED_

The people of Qu who admired him rushed to the river and tried to save him knowing that Qu Yuan was an honorable man. They searched desperately in their boats looking for him but could not find his body. The people dropped sticky rice into the river for the fish to eat the rice instead of Qu Yuan. This is said to be the origin of Zongzi, 粽子 (sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves), dragon boat and the dragon boat races.

Origins Immersion: Dragon


There are three most popular activities conducted during the festival; eating zongzi, dragon boat racing and drinking realgar wine. Other events include hanging mugwort, taking long walks, wearing perfumed medicine bags, making the egg stand at exactly 12:00 noon, and writing spells.

Needless to say, forcing my soon-to-be husband to have sex with an attractive yet highly dangerous witch, resulting in a potential demon spawn baby in exchange for the both of us living, is one of many possible endings that are all considered canon. The scenario gets spicier if more details are added on, as my Warden and Alistair rule the land as Queen and King. Unbeknownst to the King, my Warden has a mistress who happens to be one of the party members who allied with me in defeating the Archdragon.

And honestly, this is on WotC. They bake in all this flavor, set it up like it's required for the class, and then give no actual game hooks into it. There are no mechanics for making the deal, or breaking it, or pleasing/displeasing your patron, or any of that. It is also never any more dangerous, risky, or regrettable than the relationship between a cleric and their god, despite the whole Faustian origins of the concept.

I find it far more reasonable for someone to make a deal or uncover a bit of hidden knowledge on level up than (for example) discover that they are descended from a dragon allowing them to multiclass into sorcerer. If you have a problem with multiclassing, either ban it or require your characters to talk to you about it at least one level in advance so it can be part of the story.

Ironically, the sets were not designatedFlying Dragon from the factory. Instead, thename is believed to have originated here inAmerica, possibly through a connection tothe dragons flying over swirling blue andwhite-capped seas depicted in traditionalJapanese woodblock prints or a whollycoincidental association with Americanpsychedelic and tie-dye fashion trends.In any case, the Flying Dragon is on thecomeback trail.

This essay narrows the gap between analog1 and digital games by connecting Dungeons and Dragons (1974) or D&D to the origins of the video game industry. Despite its analog status, D&D is a video gaming platform much like a Nintendo Switch, Mattel Intellivision, or the Atari Lynx. In fact, it is the first platform, or environment that programming can be performed on2. D&D was formed of the same military logic as programming languages and shared a release date with the first computers available for public use.3 041b061a72


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