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China Stocks Boom Bullish For Bitcoin 5 Things...

Second Thoughts(1) Dealmakers sinking in the swamp. (2) Animal spirits remain mostly aroused. (3) Back to new normal real GDP growth. (4) Cruising along at 2%. (5) Citigroup Economic Surprise Index fluctuates. (6) Housing starts depressed by fewer DIYs. (7) Not-so-bad retail sales and production indicators. (8) Looking up in NY and Philly districts. (9) Record highs for forward revenues and earnings. (10) It all adds up to our No-Boom-No-Bust scenario, which remains bullish for stocks.

China Stocks Boom Bullish for Bitcoin 5 Things...

Where Is This Leading?(1) The latest panic attack lasted one day. (2) Keeping a diary of anxiety attacks. (3) VIX taking regular doses of Valium to stay calm. (4) Pills for the President. (5) One monthly and two weekly LEIs all at record highs. (6) CEI benchmark model sees next recession starting March 2019. (7) CEI confirming 2% trend growth in real GDP. (8) Resource Utilization Rate and LEI/CEI ratio are bullish for profit margin. (9) Yield curve signaling neither boom nor bust. (10) NY & Philly Fed surveys showing animal spirits remain spirited.

The fourth and final consequence, higher valuations, cannot be separated from the astounding 61 new unicorns worldwide. The meteoric rise in late-stage valuations globally has affected the venture capital industry and investors throughout the company life cycle. In light of both increasing demand for technology investments and bullish financial projections, prices rose across the board. Average seed-stage valuations in Silicon Valley ($5.1 million), New York ($4.5 million), Europe ($3.2 million) and Israel ($2.7 million) are at their highest levels since the dot-com boom. 041b061a72


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