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How To Fix Lag In Evil Dead: The Game | FPS Boo...

In 2013's free-to-play mobile game Seven Dwarfs: The Queen's Return,[122] an uncanonical continuation of the film, the Queen has survived the fall at the climax of the film because there was a lake at the bottom of the abyss. She then reverted to her youthful form and, seeking revenge, cast an evil curse on Snow White as well as the dwarfs and their entire forest.[123] The game's updates were supposed to allow the players to "meet (and defeat)" the Queen,[124] adding quests involving a search for her hidden hideout[125] to, as promised, "help the Dwarfs rid the enchanted forest of the Evil Queen."[126] However, this was ultimately left unresolved as the game was discontinued in May 2014.

How to Fix Lag in Evil Dead: The Game | FPS Boo...

The Queen also inspired main antagonist characters in the otherwise unrelated titles, such as the stepmother queen in the Russian animated film The Wild Swans (1962),[322] the Witch Queen in the Mexican film Tom Thumb and Little Red Riding Hood (1962),[323] the goddess Venus in the anime version of Unico,[324] Queen Admira in the American film The Hugga Bunch (1985),[325] and the queen of the witches in the video game Curse of Enchantia (1992).[326] Lady Macbeth's rendition in Orson Welles' 1948 Macbeth resembles the Queen in her costume, make-up, and even the manner of her death;[327] Lady Macbeth was also visually based on the Queen in a 1982 comic book adaptation.[328] The evil Queen Bavmorda from 1988's film Willow bears a resemblance[329] so much that Cinefantastique editor Frederick S. Clarke described her as "simply Snow White's Wicked Queen, right down to her hooded costume."[330] Robin Wood has drawn a connection between the looks of the Witch and of the Emperor in the Star Wars franchise (which eventually became a Disney property too).[331] According to video game designer Steve Brown, the Queen's old Witch form served as an inspiration for the main character Witch Queen in his 1985 game Cauldron.[332] Brigitte Nielsen said she based her role as the Black Witch (who also kidnaps a prince character out of jealously for a princess) in the 1992 Italian film Fantaghirò 2 on Disney's "Grimilde" (the Queen's name in Italian comics).[333] 041b061a72


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