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Although many protein labeling probes have been developed to elucidate the trafficking and turnover processes of cell surface proteins, real-time tracking of intracellular proteins remains a challenging task. Herein, we describe a new design to construct a cell-permeable, photostable, and far-red fluorescent turn-on probe to enable no-wash, organelle-specific, and long-term visualization of intracellular SNAP-tagged proteins in living cells. When the probe was used in dual-color pulse chase labeling experiments to differentiate between preLamin and mature Lamin, our results reveal that the shape of mature Lamin can be altered by the newly synthesized preLamin and that this alteration is progressive, cumulative, and due to a concentration-dependent dominant-negative effect of preLamin. We believe that this probe can also be applied to other intracellular proteins whose cellular localization and synthesis changes dynamically in response to external stimuli.

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