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Watch Naag Shakti Online - Stream or Download on MX Player

Naag Shakti mp4 full movie download: How to watch or download the 2008 Telugu drama film online

If you are a fan of Telugu cinema, you might have heard of Naag Shakti, a 2008 drama film starring Charan, Sindhu, and Maala. The film was directed by Pradeep Kumar and produced by P.Sunil. The music of the film was composed by S.P.Venkatesh.

Naag Shakti mp4 full movie download

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Naag Shakti is a story of love, betrayal, and revenge that revolves around a snake goddess who falls in love with a human. The film has elements of fantasy, romance, and action that appeal to a wide range of audiences.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Naag Shakti, including its plot, cast, reviews, popularity, and benefits. We will also show you how to watch or download Naag Shakti online legally and safely, as well as warn you about the illegal and risky ways to do so.

What is Naag Shakti about?

Naag Shakti is an Indian Telugu film that was released in 2008. It belongs to the genre of drama, with some elements of fantasy, romance, and action. The film is based on the concept of snake worship and snake magic that is prevalent in some parts of India.

The plot of Naag Shakti

The plot of Naag Shakti is as follows:

  • The film begins with a flashback where a snake goddess named Nagalakshmi (Sindhu) saves a young boy named Raja (Charan) from a snake bite. She falls in love with him and vows to protect him from all dangers.

  • Years later, Raja grows up to be a handsome and brave man who works as a forest officer. He meets Nagalakshmi again when he visits her temple in the forest. He does not recognize her as the snake goddess who saved his life.

  • Nagalakshmi transforms into a human form and tries to woo Raja, who is also attracted to her beauty and innocence. They fall in love and decide to get married.

  • However, their love faces many obstacles, such as Raja's family, who are against his marriage with a stranger, and a villain named Nagendra (Maala), who is also a snake worshipper and wants to marry Nagalakshmi.

  • Nagendra kidnaps Nagalakshmi and tries to force her to marry him. He also reveals her true identity as a snake goddess to Raja, who is shocked and heartbroken. He thinks that Nagalakshmi has betrayed him and does not love him.

  • Nagalakshmi escapes from Nagendra's clutches and tries to convince Raja that she loves him sincerely and that she can give up her snake powers for him. She also tells him that he is the reincarnation of her lover from a previous life, who was killed by Nagendra.

  • Raja is confused and angry, but he still loves Nagalakshmi. He decides to help her fight against Nagendra, who has unleashed his army of snakes to destroy them. They face many dangers and challenges, but they manage to overcome them with their love and courage.

  • The film ends with a happy note, where Raja and Nagalakshmi get married and live happily ever after. Nagalakshmi gives up her snake powers and becomes a human for Raja. Nagendra is defeated and killed by Raja.

The cast of Naag Shakti

The cast of Naag Shakti is as follows:










Raja's friend


Raja's friend

Kota Srinivasa Rao

Raja's father


Raja's mother


The reviews of Naag Shakti

The reviews of Naag Shakti are mixed. Some critics praised the film for its unique concept, visual effects, music, and performances of the lead actors. They also appreciated the director for blending fantasy, romance, and action in a balanced way. They said that the film was entertaining and engaging for the viewers who like this genre of films.

However, some critics panned the film for its poor script, direction, editing, and logic. They said that the film was boring, predictable, and illogical. They also pointed out the flaws in the story, such as the lack of chemistry between the lead pair, the weak characterization of the villain, and the inconsistency in the snake magic. They said that the film was a waste of time and money for the viewers who expect quality cinema.

The average rating of the film on various online platforms is as follows:

PlatformRating (out of 5)






Why do people want to watch or download Naag Shakti?

Despite the mixed reviews, Naag Shakti has gained a lot of popularity among the movie lovers who want to watch or download it online. There are several reasons why people want to watch or download Naag Shakti online:

The popularity of Naag Shakti

Naag Shakti is one of the most popular Telugu films that deals with the theme of snake worship and snake magic. The film has a cult following among the fans of this genre, who find it fascinating and thrilling. The film has also been dubbed into other languages, such as Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Bengali, which has increased its reach and fan base. b70169992d


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