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Greetings Everyone, Lately I've been realising & noticing around in my circles that the word 'health' is not only limited to it's meaning of inconvenience in the physical aspect of one's existence but as we all have felt that 'Mental Health' is as integral as the maintenance of one's physical health. But the question arises how to keep it at par with overall wellness of ourselves. This is scientifically proven that living in elation just for 24 hours improves brain function which simply means surrounding ourselves with the ones with no toxicity towards us or our emotions but how efficient are we in analysing the unnecessary clutter in our lives or maybe sometimes we are too attached to it that it's hard to figure out that what we love is maybe what is eating us and draining our energy. After spending a considerable amount of life, maybe a quarter, the mind and soul needs peace and stability whereas the world never lets you breathe that particular 'sigh of relief' till you make it to your death bed then at least during our time here if peace can not be found as a whole then maybe the peace lies in aligning your inner configuration with your outer configuration which can never happen without you asking and talking to yourself that what is it that your soul desires truly and can never get exhausted or satiated by : that's when the answer would really matter.

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Crystal White

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