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Glovepie Scripts Wiimote

If anyone's interested in "Why?", it's to use the Wiimote as an audio / midi controller: to use movement, pitch, roll etc to modulate lots of different sound variables at once with one hand. Wiimotes are great for this, and Glovepie used to be the standard way to make this work (e.g. see for example this tutorial, and this one, ignore the unrelated video; I've also seen musicians using wiimote/glovepie setups at gigs, creating some really unique sounds). As of 2013, however, Glovepie seems to be a dead and thoroughly hacked project, sadly. Is there anything else?

glovepie scripts wiimote

Greasemonkey is a quite spectacular FireFox extension that allows you to customize the way a webpage displays using small bits of JavaScript. Hundreds of scripts, for a wide variety of popular sites, are already available at Something similar exists for Opera. IE 7 we don't know. Below is the script I wrote, you can copy/paste or get it from here

You can connect your Nintendo Wii Wiimote to your PC using GlovePie input emulation software and a bluetooth connection. Learn how you can program GlovePie scripts that will emit sounds from the Wiimote's built in speaker.

GlovePIE A Programmable Input Emulator which can be downloaded at: _downloadGlovePIE utilizes scripts to translate inputs from devices into various other forms. It was originally designed to emulate joysticks and facilitate usage of VR gloves with computers. GlovePIE now features MIDI and OSC communication.

BREAKING NEWS!Yes, you too can be a WiiNerd on Windows. You can control Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Design Review, AutoCAD, Revit, Alias, Maya, Project Freewheel, etc. all with a Wii! Carl Kenner wrote a programmable input emulator (PIE) which enables customizing any input device to control Windows. I just got it working with the Wii Remote. This allows full customization for any application as well as the ability to program for gesture recognition. There are also a variety of Wii-based example PIE scripts included with the download, like for Google Earth, Firefox, and a whole variety of PC Games.

I've not done it yet myself, but from what I understand you pick up a Bluetooth adaptor and install special drivers so that it can pick up on the WiiMote or something. You also pick up a sensor bar and somehow hook that up to your PC via USB or something, install the drivers and scripts that pertain to what ever game you want to play and that's that I guess, you just configure your game with the WiiMote as it now is assigned to Mouse and Keyboard actions. Something to that effect. The HowTo has to be on one of those links I've posted, but I have not gone through all the details because I don't yet own the required hardware.

I've used a wii-mote with Legacy and Doom 3. The controls are, at least for me, difficult. Using the nunchuck for movement/weapon switching was fine though.I used a general FPS script (which utilizes the IR Pointer) that featured a bounding box - if you point to the edge, it continually turns you until you center the controller.The scripts really do need to be fine tuned to each game to produce the best result. In Doom 3, if I needed to aim at something quickly, I'd more often than not end up spinning 180 degrees or hit the bounding box and spin like a spastic. Slowing it down tended to get me killed. It was novel for a while, but soon tired of it. One of these days, I'll try it with some racing games using the gyro's to control the steering.

With Glovepie it's possible to create scripts using input/output devices (mouse keyboard wii mote kinect... included midi devices). Why not using it with imitone ? Many interesting possibilities i think !

I've tried for a full day to get this to work for me. My bluetooth picks up my wiimote, I run ppjoy and its also listed there, and I also ran the script. When I go to control panel, the virtual stick is listed however, nothing works!! No response from anything. When I go to various ppjoy applications that was included in the download, I get the same results. I followed the instructions here step by step, only to be frustrated. Any input would be awesome!!tead of using bluesolielUpdate. . .Instead of using blue soliel for the blue tooth stack, I used a toshiba stack instead with much better results!! I still cannot configure the controller they way I want though (in control panel) in ppjoy. The analog part is working, but nit the way i thought it would. For instance, my wiimote is actuall on a 30 degree angle before the ball will start moving on a playfield. There's other issues as well. I'm going to try and tweek it once more - then thats it!! Enough time spent on this. 041b061a72


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