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Blondie - Sunday Girl -

"Sunday Girl" has seen critical acclaim since its release. Rolling Stone wrote of the song, "The melting, metallic 'Sunday Girl' features Debbie Harry's voice at its thickest and most cynically sweet, proving she was always a one-girl girl group."[10] Tom Maginnis of AllMusic wrote, "The song is pure pop, a dulcet, charming throwback to the innocent sounds of the Beach Boys and uninhibited music of early rock, particularly that of girl vocal groups such as the Ronnettes and the Shangri-Las."[4] Pitchfork wrote that the song "conveys a sense of elegance,"[11] while Slant Magazine wrote "The '60s-girl-group-pop meets '70s-new-wave of 'Pretty Baby' and 'Sunday Girl' give Parallel Lines its two most whimsical moments."[12]

Blondie - Sunday Girl -

Paste ranked the song as the band's seventh best, calling it "among the band's best pop efforts" and writing, "Slick lines like 'I know a girl from a lonely street, cold as ice cream but still as sweet' bolster the catchy hook and show the band's reverence for complicated-but-all-too-familiar teen love stories."[13] uDiscoverMusic named it as one of the 20 best Blondie songs, writing that the song is a "standout, a piece of sweet pop perfection that sounds ever sweeter in French."[14]

The song is about a Johnson & Johnson heir who was a heroin addict and womanizer. The J&J heir was dating Debbie Harry's model friend in NYC, and he only had time for her on Sunday, meaning she was not a priority, because he was cheating with other women on Friday and Saturday night. That's the line: "I saw your guy with a different girl (cheating) looks like he's in another world (heroin) run and hide (break up with him) Sunday Girl.

I love this song, when it was released, finding meaning beyond the literal was a personal task. You could be right on with others or in a singular place. Either way, it was a personal thing, relating your own way. Now you can search online for artists & what they meant, wanted to inspire or what they were going through. You find different things from different band members or the same artist with different perspectives. Sunday Girl is a great example, most of us at least originally thinking of a girl.... is fine. Now a quick internet search proves the earlier comment about Chris writing this AWESOME song, in reference to Sunday Man, Debbie's cat!!!

I think Sunday girl was a little girl who was so upset that she couldn't find her dad that all she could eat was ice-cream she was hence also Sundae girl.This was because she was so nervous and panicked that she was in tears most of the time, she told Debbie her story but the grown ups around her kept denying things.Debbie wanted to go out and so was frustrated at having to stay in and babysit but at the end of the nights when she did get to go out she would tell Sunday girl about her night out as opposed to her parents this was so she had someone to talk to about her dating if she didn't feel like going to bed something she would rather not tell the grown ups.There was once a French verse in the English version but it was changed as it included what the grownups were saying to the little girl about herself but it was considered too insulting too the child though Debbie herself would get insulted also and had just decided to write what was real and actually happening at the time liked n the house . The adults of the house at the time liked to Keep people in their place by insulting eachother and included the very sitors to Debbie's home who arrived with the little girl . The adults didn't mind insulting the younger generation either including their looks . The little girl said she was from France and had an accent but spoke English. The child was never just ready to leave when Debbie was and so Debbie would call hurry up and the little girl would panic and shout "wait" . They would call the little girl the "baby" at the house and sometimes Blondy. The little girl wasn't permitted out untill she had calmed down and looked as though she wasn't actually upset or untill you couldn't tell she had been crying. Debbie's friend was the person she was singing she would "like to go out tonight" with and it was the little girl who she would "get uptight with" if she was made to stay home and babysit. Debbie would try to persuade the little girl not be so upset but she would take everything said to heart and Debbie had grown a thicker skin though sometimes the atmosphere would hurt and get her down too.

A sad song about a teen age girl going for an older guy but afraid to offend her parents. Debbie is so "from the heart"...the craving for love and the good life that only an orphan can feel and Express...

My very sad interpretation of this song is that it is about a girl 'Sunday girl' who is secretly in love with a guy and daydreams of being his girlfriend while spending her life locked in her room away from the real world because of her parents being strict bigots. Little does she know that he has a life and a real girlfriend and does not even notice 'Sunday girl' exists and cares so much about him.

I think the song is about two girls who are involved with the same guy. Sunday girl is her girlfriend and the other girl (the girl who sings) is the lover. Sunday girl doesn't know that her boyfriend is cheating on her. The lover and the guy see each other on Sundays when Sunday girl stays at home.

I think the song is about two girls who are involved with the same guy. Sunday girl is her boyfriend and the other girl (the girl who sings) is the lover. Sunday girl doesn't know that her boyfriend is cheating on her. The lover and the guy see each other on Sundays when Sunday girl stays at home.

This is a song that comes from a girl's point of view. She has a lover who wants her to be everywhere but unfortunately has overbearing parents and she has to just live her life inside her room. She tells her boyfriend "i'd like to go out with you tonight but if I go with you my folks will get uptight 'stay home sunday girl'". She'd like to love but at the same time can't because she's either too young or it really is her parents. 041b061a72


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