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This track shows probable binding sites of the specified transcription factors (TFs) in the given cell types as determined by chromatin immunoprecipitation followed by high throughput sequencing (ChIP-seq). Each experiment is associated with an input signal, which represents the control condition where immunoprecipitation with non-specific immunoglobulin was performed in the same cell type. For each experiment (cell type vs. antibody) this track shows a graph of enrichment for TF binding (Signal),along with sites that have the greatest evidence of transcription factor binding, as identified by the PeakSeq algorithm (Peaks).The sequence reads, quality scores, and alignment coordinates fromthese experiments are available for download.

Download 584 MB

DNA recovered from the precipitated chromatin was sequenced on the Illumina (Solexa)sequencing platform and mapped to the genome using the Eland alignment program.ChIP-seq data was scored based on sequence reads (length 30 bps) that align uniquelyto the human genome. From the mapped tags, a signal map of ChIP DNA fragments(average fragment length 200 bp) was constructed where the signal height is the number ofoverlapping fragments at each nucleotide position in the genome. Reads were pooled from all submitted replicates to generate the Peak and Signal files. Per-replicatealigments and sequences are available for download atdownloads page.

Data users may freely use ENCODE data, but may not, without priorconsent, submit publications that use an unpublished ENCODE dataset untilnine months following the release of the dataset. This date is listed inthe Restricted Until column on the track configuration page andthe download page. The full data release policy for ENCODE is availablehere. 041b061a72


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