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Gost Pelmeni [PORTABLE]

Experts calculate that there are around3,000 former Soviet-era brands doing well in the market today and their numberis set to grow. Obviously they're been repackaged in several cases, while inothers the old Soviet-look packaging is all part of the appeal. One example isthe famous Soviet pelmeni (dumplings consisting of a filling wrapped in thin,unleavened dough) in their dreary cardboard box, or sweetened condensed milk inblue-striped 250g cans.

gost pelmeni

the production of semi-finished products (pelmeni, vareniki) was... the production of semi-finished products (pelmeni, vareniki) was launched. During next two years, ravioli, cutlets and frozen vegetable mixes were added. For us it was a new step. 041b061a72


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