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Father Brown 4x7 __LINK__

You are beautiful. But really its what's behind your eyes. I can see it. And you know they all love you. My president, Jake, Command they all love you. And I can see it I can see why. Helen of Troy, the face that launched a thousand ships, she didn't have a father either. Her father was a god.

Father Brown 4x7

In the morning, Sun wakes Jin and informs him that Kate and Jack have returned. Sun finds Kate, and asks what happened. Kate tells her how Charlotte hit her, and that they had gone to a "poison gas factory." Kate remarks that they "were trying to earn some brownie points." She also says Juliet lied about the Tempest being a power station, "probably out of habit." Sun asks Kate if Daniel and Charlotte are really there to rescue them, and Kate replies that they talked about a lot of things, but none of them were about rescue.

Derek tells Sean, the baby's father, that his baby has a brain contusion. It's minor, but he would like to keep her here for observation. Sean confesses he's not hearing what Derek's saying. He needs to be with his wife and he trusts Derek to take care of his baby. Lexie asks him what the baby's name is. He confesses she doesn't have a name yet as they just adopted her last week. They're still getting to know her.

As Bailey leaves the OR, Alex comes over to talk to Callie about his patient. So does Izzie. Lexie comes over to tell her that Shepherd wants to discharge the Brotherton baby, but that the father is no shape to take care of her. Richard sees all the people and asks if there's a problem. Bailey says there's a little administrative traffic jam, but she says Torres is handling it. As soon as Richard walks off, Bailey tells Alex and Izzie to put their patients together so they can abuse each other. She tells Lexie the baby gets to stay another night. She tells them that if anyone asks, this was not her idea.

Alex drops Lexie off at her house. She says she's fine and tells him to go home as her father opens up the front door. He stumbles down the stairs. He's drunk. He says it's a pleasant surprise to see Alex. Thatcher is holding his keys and says he's going down to the store. Alex offers to go for him and asks what he needs. Lexie replies scotch. Thatcher drops his keys and goes back inside. Lexie picks them up and asks Alex not to tell Meredith.

Keisha's mother was carrying her when she fell down the stairs. In the ER, her fontanelle was bulging and she was lethargic. She had a slight brain contusion and they kept her for observation. Ultimately, she was discharged to go home with her father.

Over at Arkadia, Bellamy and Kane, huddled inside after an intense stampede of people seeking safety, receive a radio call for help from a father and his son, Peter (one of the original 100!), who are stranded outside and in desperate need of rescuing. Bellamy, distraught over his inability to save Octavia, races out to the Rover in a duct-taped suit (which does NOT hold up, surprisingly. I thought duct tape was magic?!) and speeds through the forest, only to get stuck in the mud before he can reach the two men. Kane convinces him over the radio that he has to stay inside the vehicle, and while we know Kane is right, it's heartbreaking to watch Bellamy feel completely helpless while a father cries over his dying son. After the rain passes, Bellamy returns to Arkadia, and I fear that dude is headed straight into Jasper territory (instead of into Clarke's arms, where he obviously belongs).

Emily's mom stops by her room to tell her she has made an appointment for prolotherapy treatment for Emily's shoulder. Insurance won't cover the first few sessions, so Pam is concerned about they will pay for it, but won't let Emily contribute her own money. Physical therapy hasn't been helping, so Pam emphasizes how important it is to try this new treatment. She tells Emily she needs to focus on healing her shoulder, and let Hanna spend time with her father.

At home, Byron asks Aria if she has seen Mike, or if she knows anything about what happened to Connor's car. He thought Mike and Connor were friends and doesn't understand why Connor's father is pushing to have Mike expelled. Aria admits it all started when Connor kissed her and she told him she wasn't interested, so in retaliation, Connor spread a nasty rumor about her at school. Byron asks why anybody would start a rumor about her and Aria is forced to admit there has been talk about her and Ezra. Byron says Connor is the one who should be punished and leaves to find Mike.

The Smoking Man, armed with a sniper rifle and surveillance equipment, spies on a meeting between Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, and the Lone Gunmen. Frohike claims to have discovered information about the Smoking Man's mysterious past, stating that his father was an executed communist spy and that his mother died of lung cancer, causing him to be raised in various Midwest orphanages.

The narrative changes to 1962. The Smoking Man is an Army captain stationed at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. He talks to a friend and fellow soldier, Bill Mulder, who shows him a photo of his infant son, Fox. The Smoking Man is summoned to attend a meeting with a general and several strange men in suits. The general calls the Smoking Man's father an "extraordinary man" in spite of the threat he posed to national security, and indicates that he expects the Smoking Man to inherit his father's courage to act decisively and take drastic measures in defense of his principles. It is revealed that the Smoking Man was already involved in Bay of Pigs Invasion and the assassinations of Patrice Lumumba and Rafael Trujillo. Ostensibly for these reasons, they selected him to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. In November 1963, posing as a "Mr. Hunt," the Smoking Man shoots Kennedy and frames Lee Harvey Oswald. Afterwards, he smokes his first cigarette from a pack previously given to him by Oswald. The assassination is motivated by Kennedy's mishandling of the Bay of Pigs Invasion, the subsequent Cuban Missile Crisis and because he was turning away from the Cold War and seeking a negotiated peace with the Soviet Union.

Arya and Sandor encounter a dying man in a ransacked village. Sandor gives the man a gift of mercy by stabbing him in the heart. Sandor is ambushed by Biter, and is bitten on the neck. He snaps Biter's neck and drops him dead in the dirt. Rorge encounters them, and after a short conversation, in which he reveals that Joffrey is dead (crossing him off of Arya's death list), Arya kills him with a quick thrust of Needle to his heart, earning some approval from Sandor. Afterward, Sandor clumsily addresses his wounds from Biter. Arya suggests burning to cauterize his wound, but is rebuffed due to his fear of fire. Sandor confirms the story of his facial scars from burns inflicted by Gregor's wrath and how his father covered up the truth, making him feel alone. Arya offers to clean and stitch him up, and Sandor allows her to.

Meanwhile, Brienne and Podrick stop at an inn where they are served kidney pie made by none other than Hot Pie, who proceeds to tell them at length the process in finding the right ingredients. He then asks of Brienne's business, to which she replies that she is in Lady Stark's service to find and protect Sansa Stark. Hot Pie leaves after addressing the Starks as traitors. As Brienne and Podrick prepare to leave the inn, Podrick reminds Brienne that telling people of their quest could be dangerous, but Brienne's honesty is swiftly rewarded when Hot Pie approaches and gives them a loaf of bread shaped like a wolf. He tells them that he knows nothing of Sansa, but has seen her sister Arya alive, along with the Hound. Brienne is surprised because Arya has been presumed dead since she disappeared when her father Ned was executed. They deduce that Arya's captor is probably going to try to ransom Arya somewhere. Having memorized the complex family trees of the Great Houses, Podrick surmises that Arya's aunt Lysa Arryn is the Hound's only remaining chance of a reward for her. Therefore, Brienne and Podrick decide to head for the Eyrie.

While wandering the Eyrie's snow-covered courtyards, Sansa builds a snow replica of Winterfell. Robin chances upon her and seems impressed with her efforts. The cousins get along until Robin asks where the Moon Door is. Sansa tells him Winterfell doesn't need a Moon Door. Sansa agrees to add one, but in the process, Robin accidentally knocks over a tower. Robin insists she replicate the tower. This irritates Sansa and Robin throws a tantrum in response, destroying the replica. Unable to control her anger, Sansa slaps Robin. Sansa immediately softens and tries to apologize, but before she can Robin threatens to tell his mother and runs away. Petyr Baelish witnesses the action and assures Sansa that he will deal with Lysa, whom he says should have disciplined her child long ago. Petyr muses on how he should have been Sansa's father, but then tells Sansa that she is more beautiful than her mother Catelyn and kisses Sansa, who is so shocked that she doesn't resist. Unknown to the pair, the kiss is seen by Lysa.

Tyrion Lannister: "Where's your sense of adventure? Even if you lose, imagine the look on father's face when you fall: our family name snuffed out with a single swing of the sword." Jaime Lannister: "It is tempting."

Arya Stark: "Why?"Sandor: "Thought I'd stolen one of his toys. I didn't steal it, I was just playing with it! The pain was bad. The smell was worse. But the worst thing was that it was my brother who did it. My father, who protected him, told everyone my bedding caught fire. You think you're on your own?"

Oberyn Martell: "We met, you and I, many years ago."Tyrion Lannister: "I think I would have remembered that."Oberyn: "Unlikely: you had just been born. Our father brought me and my sister Elia with him on a visit to Casterly Rock. My first time away from Dorne. I didn't like anything about the Rock. Not the food, not the weather, not your accents. Nothing. But the biggest disappointment? You."Tyrion: "You and my family have more in common than you might admit."Oberyn: "The whole way from Dorne, all anyone talked about was the monster that had been born to Tywin Lannister. A head twice the size of his body, a tail between his legs, claws, one red eye. The privates of both a girl and a boy."Tyrion: "That would have made things so much easier."Oberyn: "When we met your sister, she promised she would show you to us. Every day we would ask, every day she would say, 'Soon'. Then she and your brother took us to your nursery and she unveiled 'the freak': Your head was a bit large, your arms and legs were a bit small - but no claw, no red eye, no tail between your legs. Just a tiny pink cock. We didn't try to hide our disappointment. 'That's not a monster,' I told Cersei, 'That's just a baby.' And she said, 'He killed my mother,' and she pinched your little cock so hard, I thought she might pull it off, until your brother made her stop. 'It doesn't matter,' she told us, 'Everyone says he will die soon, I hope they are right. He should not have lived this long.'"[Tyrion's eyes well up with tears]Tyrion: "Sooner or later...Cersei always gets what she wants."Oberyn Martell: "And what about what I want? Justice for my sister and her children."Tyrion Lannister: "If you want justice, you've come to the wrong place."Oberyn: "I disagree. I've come to the perfect place." 041b061a72


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