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[S1E11] Up All Night

In the episode, Gloria is annoyed at Jay's reaction to Javier, Manny's unreliable dad, but manages to let Jay allow Javier stay for the night. Jay is seduced by Javier's manner, leading Gloria to take action. Phil suffers from kidney stones and Claire calls the firemen to rush him to hospital. Mitchell and Cameron try to train Lily into sleeping alone but they have hard time doing it, especially Cameron.

[S1E11] Up All Night

Gloria (Sofía Vergara) is less than pleased with Jay's (Ed O'Neill) reaction to the arrival of Javier (Benjamin Bratt), Manny's (Rico Rodriguez) infamously unreliable dad. Gloria talks Jay into allowing Javier to stay the night after Javier shows up a day late to visit Manny. Javier calls in a favor and takes Manny and Jay to a baseball field at night. The next day, Javier shows up with motorcycles and says they are for Jay and him to ride. Gloria forces Manny to go to school and has a discussion with Jay that he is now being seduced by Javier's manner just as she was in the past. Jay denies it but waits by the phone for Javier.

Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) have a harder time than Lily as they attempt to sleep train her. Mitchell discovers Cameron cries all night listening to Lily cry and introduces Lily to Brian De Palma's Scarface. While Mitchell is trying to use the Ferber method of getting an infant to learn to sleep on their own, Cameron keeps running to the room - making Mitchell force him to return to their own bedroom. Mitchell comes home in the afternoon to keep Cameron from indulging Lily. They struggle a bit as Cameron insists on going to Lily's room, and in the ensuing confusion, Mitchell hurts his ankle - when Mitchell suggests they go to the hospital, Cameron starts thinking of the firemen and approves.

"Up All Night" was viewed by 10.221 million viewers, competing primarily against reruns on the other networks. It ranked first in the timeslot and on ABC that night. As of its airing, it is the second most watched episode of the series after the pilot episode despite airing against CBS' People's Choice Awards, an annual ratings draw.[4] The episode also made it into the top 30 debuting at #25 in its original American broadcast and came in 12th for the 18-49 rating.[5]

Robert Canning of IGN gave the episode 9/10 saying that "The three very separate storylines in Wednesday night's Modern Family had one important thing in common: hilarity", "Phil Dunphy stole the episode. Watching him suffer through the agony of a kidney stone ('Death is coming!') and over-exaggerate the possibility of his demise ('There is a scenario where you could be the man of the house, and you need to know all the PIN numbers and passwords') was painfully funny stuff", and "Modern Family still finds a way to pull everything together for a solid, funny half-hour.".[6]

Manny's father shows up bearing extravagant gifts, Mitchell and Cameron fight over how to care for Lily when she cries at night, and Claire tries to impress the firefighters who responded to Phil's kidney stone 911 call.

Manny shouldn't drool over his teacher, either, but he can drool over the boat his biological father brought, albeit one day late. Jay is not happy about Manny's father dropping by, especially with his tardiness and the way he used to treat Gloria, but he'll play nice for their sake. Besides, Javier is only going to stay one night, much to Jay's surprise.

Mitchell and Cameron are at odds over Lily, mainly because they're attempting to Ferberize Lily. In other words, get her to sleep on her own and not come after her every time she cries. You can probably guess who is not very good at sticking to it. To be fair, though, Cameron thinks showing Lily "Scarface" helps with color recognition. (The nightclub massacre is her favorite part). However, Mitch is getting upset over it. So much so, he shows Cameron the baby-cam tape of him going in every single time to get Lily. In fact, Mitch takes time off of work just to keep an eye on Cam so that he doesn't do it. That doesn't work, and Mitch has to literally drag Cameron away from Lily's room. His reward is a twisted ankle and an admission that he doesn't always want to have to play the "bad cop" in their relationship with Lily. Cameron compromises by agreeing to make Lily eat her vegetables and insist she go to the dentist.

Jay is woken up during the night by Javier's pool playing. He goes downstairs to talk to him, but Javier gets to talking to Jay, wondering why he doesn't do the things he used to, like ride his motorcycle or play baseball. They decide to stay up and have Jay work on hitting a curveball. They take Manny to Dodgers Stadium to hit the ball around. In the morning, it's Gloria who isn't happy, since Jay is suddenly smitten with Javier, and Manny can't stay awake. Javier bringing motorcycles by didn't really help matters. Later on, Jay is worried that Javier didn't show up to take him to the bar. Gloria has her revenge on Jay because he made fun of her being "seduced" by Jay is being seduced now.

I thought Kdrama is done with love triangle arch and wasted scenes with the lead(s) being sentimental like walking aimlessly at night or under the rain with sappy background music, seeing that most dramas I watched recently have none of these, but apparently the writers are still stuck in 2010.

The episode kicks off with Max (Ryan Eggold) shaken in the wake of seeing Helen on TV six months after their breakup. He explains his reaction to seeing his ex to an extremely understanding Wilder (Sandra Mae Frank), but she tells him very firmly, "I won't be part of someone else's romantic drama." Max seems desperate to make it up to her, but of course that's right when he gets a text from Helen which reads, "Can I see you tonight?"

The night before the launch, Ryan sat down and wrote a letter to Carter. For the past few years, she'd kept a secret from him. She had been researching the connection between magnetite and seismic activity. The space mission was a cover story to test her theory. If her theory works, they'll have the ability to not only detect earthquakes, but also predict when they will strike, saving countless lives. In the wrong hands though, this technology can also cause earthquakes. Ryan knew there were people out there who would be glad to see her mission fail. She suspected Judy Hayward, her mission's project manager, but didn't have any evidence to prove it. She apologizes for lying to Carter, and Hayley, and Alex, but it was to keep them safe. Also, despite her not appearing much, I love Ryan's actress, Selina Giles. Her character is allowed to be emotional, but also strong, and accepting of the fact that she could very well die. She doesn't look like a flawless, unrealistic supermodel, and actually looks like she's in her 40's. I looked it up, and I think she was 44 when the show started shooting, and her character was 41. But what happens next exemplifies one of my main problems with the entire first season of the show, and the first half of season 2. What happens is that Eric, that effing bastard, finishes reading the letter, so he takes out a lighter, and burns it, to ensure that Carter, his supposed best friend, never finds out the truth. He's doing this for money. Monetary gain. We the audience now know a lot about this conspiracy, but after two months at the Greenhouse, the people we're supposed to be rooting for know almost nothing. Only two teenage girls have any information, and they're never gonna to talk to each other. There's dramatic irony, and then there's frustrating, infuriating anger at the pace being too slow in the first 3/4ths, partly because of the normal teenage drama that we've already seen in a million other shows and movies, and then it moves way too fast in the last quarter, making for an unbelievable conclusion that's only a little satisfactory, and leaves a lot of unanswered questions or unexplored plot lines, plots that would've been far more intriguing than the aforementioned teenage drama. Also, you'd think the fire would set off some sort of alarm inside the federal building, even if it is a small fire, but nope! I guess there's no security cameras either. Or Marcus erased the footage, and no one thinks it's suspicious. I don't care how hauntingly beautiful the music is! Sophie is planning the dance. It's that night. It turns out that Parker likes her. Hayley is having her dad help her decide which dress to bring from her closet. She can't decide, and he doesn't have a clue, because Ryan never wore dresses. She's glad that he has his old job back. Max asks Jackie to the Halloween dance, since Emma said she wasn't going. Jackie says no too though, because she's not going either. Hayley sees them talking, and tells her dad to bring both dresses. Parker wants Daniel to talk to Brooke to see if Sophie is dating anyone. Daniel gets mad when he sees Brooke and Alex taking selfies together. Sophie notices, and asks Alex for help with the party decorations. She knows Daniel is mad at the world, but has an idea that might calm him down. Parker asks Sophie to be his date to the dance, but she says she just agreed to go with Alex. Carter gives the two dresses to Hayley, and one of Ryan's necklaces. Leo is practicing a song for the dance. Brooke and Sophie talk about Daniel and Alex. Sophie said Alex had to ask her to the dance to get Daniel off his back. Alex isn't afraid to be himself, which she thinks is cool. And he's cute. Daniel tells Parker that Alex is a snake. He's convinced that he pretended to be their friend just to hit on Brooke, and is trying to come between him and Parker now. He tells him that Alex is the one who said Parker shouldn't run for captain. Now Parker's mad at him too. The dance theme is technically Back to the Future, but the 50s Enchantment Under the Sea dance parts. As such, Max looks goofy and out of place in his Doc Brown outfit. Hayley wears the light blue dress, and Jackie wears the red and/or pink one. It turns out she has a tattoo. She agrees to go with Max, but sets some ground rules first: No slow dancing, no calling her his date, and don't quote Back to the Future to her ever again. Leo and Hayley kiss again. Daniel refuses to dance with Brooke. Emma is dressed up for the dance, and is looking at Max's chess pieces. She takes out her Louie and calls Brandon Thomas again. She still gets his voicemail. This time, she says who she is, and asks to talk to him about his satellite. I especially love how afterwards, she moves a white chess piece and says checkmate, as if saying that she's smarter than Jason, and will stop him and the conspiracy. Sophie tells Parker that he's an amazing DJ. Jason tapped Emma's Louie, because of course he did. Leo starts playing Johnny B. Goode. Emma arrives at the dance, and Max sees her. She loves Back to the Future. Max has a mini flux capacitor. They dance, and Jackie seems left out. Brooke finally decides to have some fun, no matter what Daniel thinks. Leo wrote a song for Hayley, which he performs. A woman with black hair and of Asian ethnicity arrives at the school. She shows up at the dance, and Leo is shocked to see her. Her name is Aspen Fairchild. Yes, seriously. I hate her. She has a British accent. She kisses Leo. Hayley is shocked. 041b061a72


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