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Romantic Killer Episode 12

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Romantic Killer Episode 12

One day, a wizard claimed as "love cupid" named Riri appears before Anzu Hoshino, a high school girl who has no interest in romance outside of video game characters. The world where Riri comes from is founded on giving dreams and hopes to children, and collecting their pure hearts as energy in return. Due to declining birthrate assumed by the decrease in romance opportunities between men and women, Riri is sent to assist Anzu in experiencing real life romance with a pool of "ikemen" for her to choose from. Despite Anzu's rejection due to her zero interest in pursuing real-life romance, Riri confiscated her "three greatest desires", video games, chocolate, and her cat, Momohiki, and conspired a series of events to make Anzu encounter shōjo manga-esque situations, leaving her with no choice. Anzu decided to play along with Riri's "game", but hopes to make Riri give up and release his "hostages" by avoiding all the romance-possible situations with all of her might so she can go back to her normal life. Along the way, Anzu establishes genuine connections with the romantic candidates, and has to navigate their feelings - and her desire to protect them from Riri's schemes - with increased difficulty. 041b061a72


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