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Where To Buy Backstage Whiskey

When you team with Darius Rucker, the hits just keep coming and coming. Crowds go crazy over Backstage Cinnapepper Whiskey. Palmetto Distillery made the small batch whiskey at the request of the tour crew. It's a blend of Backstage Southern Whiskey, red pepper, fresh herbs and spices. Palmetto's craft whiskey bursts with flavors of sweet, almost candy-like, cinnamon with a light pepper spice. Just one sip and you'll be calling for an encore!

where to buy backstage whiskey

Throughout his country career, Rucker always kicked off his shows with a pre-game glass of the strong liquor as a way to get things going for his band and his backstage team. Honoring them and their tradition, he decided to release his own version of the spirit called Backstage Southern Whiskey. Creating his own brand for his drink of choice, Rucker wanted to celebrate his connection with a smooth making of whiskey himself.

[embed-1]According to Hootie lore (otherwise known as a press release), South Carolina troubadour Darius Rucker begins every show by gathering his bandmates, any opening acts, and special guests and raising a glass of whiskey for good luck.

It is produced worldwide from scotch, Irish whiskey, bourbon, rye, Japanese whisky, and other types. Each has a distinct flavor profile due to numerous factors from different types of climate, ingredients, distilling methods, and the aging process.

LOS ANGELES - NOVEMBER 1974: Patti Smith poses with Iggy Pop and James Williamson of The Stooges in November 1974 backstage at the Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles California. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archive/Getty Images)Image provided by Getty Images.

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Pack your bags, country music fans! It's time to take a trip down to the bar. As excitement continues to build for Cole Swindell's upcoming album Stereotype, the country singer is preparing to wrap up the latest leg of his headlining tour on April 3. "The whole production is like you're in a bar," Cole exclusively shared with E! News. "My keyboard player is actually behind what looks like a bar with beer taps on it. My drummer's on a riser and they built a pool table for my bass player where it looks like he's playing on top of a pool table. It's a neat setup. If anybody gets a chance to come out and see us, it's a production I've never had."

RODNEY BINGENHEIMER: " I was at the Whisky A Go Go and it was Alice Cooper and Led Zeppelin and I emceed the show; I introduced them. I remember afterwards backstage at the Whisky Jimmy had a really bad case of flu and he was practically turning green." 041b061a72


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