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The Crown S04e07

Martinez seems to have forgiven the Governor for his actions and attempts to bond with him over a few beers and a game of golf on top of an RV. During their discussion, the Governor asks Martinez if they can defend the camp. Martinez, unwisely, responds, "We'll see." When he then offers to "share the crown [of leadership]," the Governor hits him with a golf club, throws him off of the RV, and drags him headfirst towards a Walker pit, all the while chanting, "I don't want it, I don't want it." The Governor then lowers Martinez into the pit to be devoured by the Walkers within.

The Crown s04e07

When Pete, Mitch, and the Governor return to the other camp the following day, they discover that it has been wiped out by another group. The Governor decides that Pete isn't a cold enough man to be in charge. So in the middle of the night, he shanks Pete and crowns himself leader with Mitch as his new lieutenant.

We begin in King's Landing, in a dingy cell, where Jaime's going off on Tyrion's throwing his life away. Tyrion admits to a certain lack of wisdom in his conduct, but he takes a small bit of pleasure from ruining Tywin's plan. Unfortunately, his own plan is ruined when Jaime makes it clear that he's in no shape to champion him. After a second of morbidly trying to cajole his brother and failing, Tyrion sighs that Bronn once fought for him and hopes that Cersei will choose Meryn Trant to represent the crown. That fool would be no competition to the wily sell-sword. Jaime becomes the bearer of bad news for a second time: the champion's already been chosen, and it's not the pompous child beater... 041b061a72


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