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When all of us were kids, life meant living it to the fullest! As we grew up, the meaning deviated that life means survival. Even at that point remains a question ; surviving happily or sadly? Well most of us don't have an option of doing it the sadder way where the benchmarks suggest that 'less is more'. In my opinion, life is a cocktail of lethal substances which we call emotions ; a soul can leave the body but emotions and humans can't be separated. A happy life is the balancing of these lethal substances and preventing a blast where if one thing can make a difference is, that stands as the controlling of your expectations and focus on the working part of the desire that we want. It's not easy, it takes time, a lot of mistakes, a lot of bad phases but after all everything gets normal in the end where literally if something doesn't kill you it makes you more stronger.

Mr. Problemo


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