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To overcome the limitations of the detection environment and specimen size due to the fact traditional measurement methods are dependent on contact transducers for acoustic signal generation and detection, Rayleigh waves based on ultrasonic laser with high resolution, wide broadband, and non-contact detection have been developed to investigate surface cracks [11,12,13,14,15,16]. In these publications, the characteristics of reflected and transmitted Rayleigh waves at cracks are analyzed to accurately evaluate crack depth. Cooper [11] and Hess [12] investigated reflection and transmission Rayleigh waves at surface cracks. Using the frequency spectrum of reflection and transmission acoustic waves, Cooper studied the effect of surface cracks on the frequency spectrum and arrival time of reflection and transmission Rayleigh waves. Finally, he created a crack depth evaluation methodology using the arrival time of reflected Rayleigh waves and mode-converted transverse waves at the base of cracks. Hess adopted an experimental design of generation and reception positions at a fixed distance to detect surface cracks. The reflection coefficient function based on reflection waves and the time of flight based on transmission waves were compared to acquire acoustic wave signals in different zones on two sides of cracks. At the singular tip of cracks, scattering waves and mode conversion at the cracks were observed by simulation and experimental methods in the time domain to estimate surface crack depth [11,13,14]. A conformal mapping method that solves the limitation of incident wavelength and distance is proposed to evaluate crack depth using the transmitted Rayleigh waves [15]. Taking into account the contact interface stiffness of closed cracks, Lomonosov [16] applied the reflection coefficient function with respect to frequency of Rayleigh wave based on ultrasonic laser to estimate the size of closed surface cracks. For an artificial surface crack, Zhou [17] pointed out that the transmission coefficients of Rayleigh waves generated by laser at crack are dependent on their frequency range. The sensitivity and reliability of crack depth characterization is controlled by the Rayleigh wave wavelength and bandwidth using an ultrasonic laser to generate and detect Rayleigh waves. Tournat [18] investigated a nonlinear mixed frequency method to quantitatively evaluate crack depth by using two waves generated by a laser having low and high frequency leading to a more sensitive image for crack achieved. In addition, a near field method called Scanning Laser Source has been extensively studied by lots of researchers [19,20,21]. In this method, the arrival time of a Rayleigh wave and its scattering waves are analyzed to calculate for crack depth evaluation when the incident laser just impacts on the crack. Overall, most obtained achievements focus on long crack detection and few studies on the sub-wavelength surface crack detection are developed using Rayleigh waves based on lasers.


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