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[S4E7] The Space Between

Star Trek: Discovery heads into its mid-season break with the strongest episode of Season 4 since its premiere, an hour that puts Burnham and Book at odds over foundational questions about the very things the Federation and Starfleet try to do and be. This is, not for nothing, my absolute favorite kind of Star Trek, a story about the necessary, inescapable conflicts between hope and pragmatism, philosophy and realism, politics and practicality.

[S4E7] The Space Between

Meanwhile, Steve realizes they can hear Dustin, who is on the other side talking to Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) and Erica (Priah Ferguson) in the Wheeler's kitchen while the police question Max (Sadie Sink) about why they were at Lover's Lake. (Office Callahan says they shouldn't have started with Max first because "she was like, kinda mean." She's so iconic.) Dustin theorizes that with each of Vecna's kills, he's not simply killing each victim: he's making a psychic connection with each victim that is powerful enough to rip a hole in the fabric of time and space. He's opening more gates to their world, and who else do they know who wants to take over their world? The Mind Flayer. If the Demogorgon was just the Mind Flayer's foot soldier, that must make Vecna his five-star general.

In this week's "inside the episode" video, Dan Harmon says he thought of this episode as a tribute to Starro, a DC comics villain who looks like a space starfish and attaches spores to New Yorkers' faces to mind control the whole city.

Pryce, informed that the Rebels are fleeing, coldly notes that there is no way for them to escape. Rukh tells her that he can handle the Rebels himself, and she responds that they already escaped him once, so this will be dealt with her way. She orders approaching TIE bombers to turn the mountains into rubble. In the rocks, the Rebels come to a clearing where three wolves, including the white one Ezra met before, await them. Ezra asks him if he knows the way out, but the wolf does nothing, and Ezra realizes that it's looking at Kanan. He comes forward as well, and the wolves head into a tunnel underneath a rock at the back of the clearing. The rebels follow. In the tunnel, Sabine and Ezra note cave paintings, showing people following wolves. Entering a larger area, Ezra tells Sabine to turn off her flashlight. The three wolves await them. The ground begins to shake from the force of the bombing raid, and the white wolf offers Ezra his tail. Ezra grabs it, and tells the others to join hands. As they do, Ryder expresses skepticism that this is going to work. The wolves lead the Rebels into a tunnel, which begins to glow like hyperspace. As the crew follow, the wolves then appear to enter the World Between Worlds, as shown by their ability to walk through space.

Above Lothal, Hera is chased by TIE fighters amid the Imperial blockade. Chopper beeps, and Hera responds that she's not concerned about the fighters, but being cut to pieces by the Star Destroyers. Onboard the Chimaera, Thrawn is informed by an officer that Hera is pinned, as she is heading for the construction modules. Hera aims her ship at one module's hangar bay, where stormtroopers gather to fire at her, and orders Chopper to calculate their hyperspace jump. The ship jumps to hyperspace through the bay, setting everything inside on fire with the force of its passage, and the officer nervously informs Thrawn that Hera has escaped.

Ezra goes back inside the cave and finds Kanan with the white wolf. Kanan asks Ezra to tell him what he sees, and Ezra says that the location reminds him of the Lothal Jedi Temple, with the cave paintings that tell a story. His master agrees, wondering what the story is telling, and Ezra responds that it seems to be about people coming from space and following the wolves. He further adds that he thinks the people are Jedi. Kanan asks the wolf why it helped them, and the wolf says "Dume," shocking him. Ezra says that the wolf said that before, and wonders what it means. Kanan tells his apprentice that "Dume" is part of his birth name, Caleb Dume. He takes off his visor and touches the wolf, feeling it, and tells Ezra that the wolves are deeply connected to the Force, and specifically to Lothal. Kanan speculates that the Empire is doing something worse to Lothal than what the rebels already know. The wolf disappears into the wall, exposing the cave painting fully. Ezra reiterates what Kanan told him once about how, "All the paths are coming together." Kanan corrects him, saying he's not sure they'll like where that path will lead. Ezra asks Kanan if he thinks that Hera escaped safely, and he replies that he knows she did. At the Great Temple on Yavin 4, Hera lands the U-wing near the Ghost, and is met by Mon Mothma and Erskin Semaj, who are both pleased to see the Defender Elite's flight recorder.

The show is also setting up a parallel between Kate and Joe, which hints at the future of their relationship, if they have one at all. Kate becomes vulnerable and shares a story of how, when she was 19, she worked at her father's company and was responsible for children dying. She has never forgiven herself. This not only humanizes Kate, who has been pretty harsh and cold up until this point, but also suggests that Kate and Joe have more in common than they already thought. While some things about You season 3 don't make sense, Joe and Love Quinn's (Victoria Pedretti) relationship is so great because it's so dark and they are so similar. Are Kate and Joe the same? This is an interesting question and it's easy to want to watch more episodes to find out the answer.

Pissed off, Noah starts laying into Helen about not being allowed to be a proper dad to the kids. Helen, in her masterfully calm deadpan, informs him Vik has cancer. The kids know. Noah agrees to let them have space.

Through a split-screen effect, the episode opens with a months-long montage showing Jimmy and Kim's diverging paths. Jimmy, using his "Saul Goodman" alias, continues his side business of supplying drop phones to Albuquerque's criminal element while completing his PPD. Kim moves her Mesa Verde files to her new office at Schweikart & Cokely and continues aiding the bank's expansion, while working cases as a public defender in her spare time. The montage ends with Kim climbing into bed and waking Jimmy, who stares into space.

Jimmy and Kim attend a party at S&C, where he introduces himself to her co-workers. Jimmy visits her lavish office, where he looks at trophies, each signifying one of Mesa Verde's new branches, and a framed hand-written thank-you note from one of her public defender clients. Jimmy approaches a group discussion involving Kim and Rich, spitballing potential locales for a company retreat. When Rich invites Jimmy to join in and mentions that he enjoys skiing in Taos, Jimmy suggests increasingly faraway and expensive locations, ending with Vail, Colorado. Jimmy then launches into a monologue and takes over the conversation; he becomes the life of the party, but both Rich and Kim appear uncomfortable. There is tension between Jimmy and Kim as they drive back from the party.

Meanwhile, in the excavation, Mike and Werner discuss blasting a section of the basement before Casper, one of Werner's workers, runs a small front-end-loader into one of the support columns and knocks it over, destroying one of the completed concrete forms. This sparks a fight between Casper and Kai, which Mike breaks up by shouting at them in German.

In this episode we learn to insert Basket Weave into twill threadings to create vertical division of space. Of course once they are in the threading we can also have horizontal basket weave, but we have been able to do that all along.

-we can thread basket weave into our twill threadings and use them to frame our twills or to divide space -we can have very clean cut lines to delineate the structures from each other -we can superimpose colour and weave into the basket weave -we can use any twill threading as a treadling -twills are a very happy family and they all play well with each other

Brian and Sarah were able to leverage the fact that the property was on a hill by creating a sunken lounge area built on a retaining wall. They used the Prescott retaining wall to protect the planters and the Portofino wall cap to create a functional seating area around the tree. For flooring, they chose the Borealis slab in Hazelnut Brandy in a Herringbone pattern to add dimension to the space.

Lauren and Mark wanted a Scandinavian-Bohemian Chic style and landscape design that could accommodate indoor-outdoor entertaining. While they are repurposing much of their yard, the main gathering point is a new stone patio built with Industria pavers in Beige Cream. The patio is connected by pathways leading to different seating areas beside the barn structure where they can gather with friends to relax on the sleek new furniture, and enjoy outdoor movie nights on the adjacent screen. With all this new backyard space, the couple is poised to become the party hub of their family.

While not exactly a bottle episode, it effectively utilized the technique of putting its characters into confined spaces to force emotional confrontations, and I think we made a lot of headway with several major arcs, from Bellamy, Octavia and Kane to Emori, Harper and Murphy.

Eugene finds his friend Liam dead in a pool of water, and grabs the Belter that his friend was beating up earlier, drowning him in the pool. The guard is hysterical but, between Holden, Murtry and Amos, they convince him to let go of the Belter. When he emerges from the water, there are strange slugs stuck to his face. The Belter starts having a reaction to the slug, and drops into the pool, dead. Suddenly, more slugs fall from the ceiling, and one of them falls on the guard's head, killing him within seconds. Holden points a blacklight at the walls and ceiling of the ruin, revealing countless more slugs and their trails.[11] 041b061a72


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