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Advanced Office Password Recovery 3.02 Serial Key

The Professional edition of Advanced Office Password Breaker supports up to 4 processor cores or dedicated CPUs, allowing you to recover the password in one-fourth of the time. The Enterprise edition allows using even more processors and cores, making your mainframe supercomputer a perfect password-breaking machine. A highly optimized low-level code allows Advanced Office Password Breaker to benefit from using multiple CPU cores and additional processors much more than any other application, cutting the recovery time in the direct proportion to the number of available processors.

advanced office password recovery 3.02 serial key


The unique Thunder Tables technology developed by ElcomSoft uses pre-computed tables to significantly speed up the recovery of 40-bit keys for Microsoft Word files. The technology is available in the Enterprise edition, and will unlock a protected Word document in a matter of minutes instead of days, even on slow computers. By pre-computing these hash tables, and providing them on a DVD or a USB thumb drive, Advanced Office Password Breaker makes short work of password-protected Word documents that use 40-bit encryption.

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