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IK Multimedia Sample Tank 4.0.9 Crack [Full Review]

IK Multimedia SampleTank 4.0.9 [Full Review]

SampleTank 4 is the latest version of IK Multimedia's premier virtual instrument workstation. It offers a massive sound library, a new sound engine, a redesigned interface, and a host of features that make it a powerful tool for music creation and performance. In this article, we will review the main aspects of SampleTank 4.0.9, the latest update that brings bug fixes and improvements to the software.

Sound Library

One of the main attractions of SampleTank 4 is its huge sound library, which covers 16 categories and includes over 18,000 instruments and 600 GB of sounds. The library is divided into four editions: SampleTank 4 CS (Custom Shop), which is free and offers 50 instruments and 200 MIDI loops; SampleTank 4 SE, which includes over 2,000 instruments and 30 GB of sounds; SampleTank 4, which has over 6,000 instruments and 90 GB of sounds; and SampleTank 4 MAX, which contains all the sounds from the other editions plus additional libraries such as Syntronik 2, SampleTron 2, Miroslav Philharmonik 2, and more.

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The sounds in SampleTank 4 are freshly produced and programmed to take advantage of the new sound engine and features. They range from acoustic and electric pianos, guitars, basses, drums, orchestral instruments, synths, ethnic instruments, loops, sound effects, and more. The sounds are organized in a new browser that allows you to search by category, instrument type, genre, mood, or keyword. You can also create your own custom tags and favorites for easy access to your preferred sounds.

Sound Engine

SampleTank 4 features a new sound engine that improves the performance and quality of the software. The engine supports disk streaming, which means that it loads only the necessary samples into RAM and streams the rest from the hard drive. This reduces the memory usage and loading times of the sounds. The engine also supports up to 16 channels of audio output and up to 16 MIDI ports for external controllers.

The sound engine also provides a range of sound editing and modulation options for each instrument. You can adjust the volume, pan, pitch, filter, envelope, LFO, effects, and more using the intuitive knobs and sliders on the interface. You can also use the four new groove players to add movement and variation to your sounds. These are Arpeggiator, Strummer, Phraser, and Loop Manager. Each groove player has its own parameters and presets that you can customize to suit your musical style.


SampleTank 4 has a redesigned interface that is sleeker, more modern, and more user-friendly than previous versions. The interface is resizable and scalable to fit any screen size and resolution. The interface consists of three main sections: Play, Mix, and Edit. The Play section is where you load and play your sounds using the keyboard or pads on the bottom. You can also access the groove players and the macro controls from this section. The Mix section is where you adjust the levels, pan, mute, solo, effects sends, and master bus of each sound using the mixer view. You can also access the effects rack from this section. The Edit section is where you tweak the parameters of each sound using the edit view. You can also access the modulation matrix from this section.


SampleTank 4 comes with a comprehensive collection of effects that you can apply to your sounds to enhance them or create new sonic textures. The effects are drawn from IK Multimedia's acclaimed AmpliTube 4 and T-RackS 5 software. You can use up to four insert effects per sound plus four send effects per part plus four master effects for the whole mix. The effects include EQs, compressors, limiters, reverbs, delays, choruses, flangers, phasers, distortions, filters, modulators, amps, cabinets, microphones, tape machines, vinyl simulators, rotary speakers, vocoders, slicers, envelopes, and more. You can choose from over 70 effects presets or create your own custom chains using the drag-and-drop interface.


SampleTank 4 is a versatile and powerful virtual instrument workstation that can handle any musical genre and style. It offers a huge and diverse sound library, a new and efficient sound engine, a redesigned and intuitive interface, and a host of features and effects that make it a complete solution for music creation and performance. SampleTank 4.0.9 is the latest update that fixes some bugs and improves the stability and compatibility of the software. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, SampleTank 4 can inspire your musical journeys and help you achieve your sonic goals.


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