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Beautiful Hearts By Jax Calder

Bobby Nardella started the first clutch goal off with a crisp pass to his defense mate Lucas Johansen. Johansen then sent a beautiful cross-ice feed to Pilon who one-timed a blast past goaltender Tommy Nappier.

Beautiful Hearts by Jax Calder

Plans are sidetracked when Rio falls in love with Dad's beautiful stepdaughter, Louisa. Rio takes advantage of a fiesta (festival) to spend the night with her on the beach. Dad tries to punish Louisa for what happened, but backs down after intervention by his wife, Maria. Instead, he traps Rio, whips him in public, and smashes his gun hand to make sure Rio will never be able to beat him in a gunfight. While recovering from his wounds, Rio struggles with his conflicting desires to love the girl and to get revenge on her stepfather. He decides to forgo vengeance, fetch Louisa, and leave town. 041b061a72


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