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Cme Full 9 1 Locale.rar

Cme Full 9 1 Locale.rar

Cme Full 9 1 Locale.rar is a file that contains locale files for Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (CME) version 9.1. Locale files are used to provide language support for Cisco IP phones and voice applications. They include dictionaries, fonts, tones, and user interface elements for different languages and regions.

Download Zip:

Some users may need to download Cme Full 9 1 Locale.rar to configure their Cisco IP phones with the desired language and region settings. For example, some users may want to change the language of their Cisco IP phone 8941 from English to French, German, or another language. To do this, they need to extract the corresponding locale file from Cme Full 9 1 Locale.rar and copy it to their flash memory or TFTP server.

The following steps describe how to download and use Cme Full 9 1 Locale.rar:

  • Go to the [Cisco Software Download Center] and navigate to Products > Voice and Unified Communications > IP Telephony > Call Control > Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express.

  • Select Unified Communications Manager Express Individual File Set-9.1 and download Cme Full 9 1 Locale.rar.

  • Extract the file using a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip.

  • Choose the locale file that matches your language and region. For example, if you want to use French, you can choose CME-locale-fr_FR-French-

  • Extract the locale file using a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip.

  • Find the file that corresponds to your phone model and protocol. For example, if you have a Cisco IP phone 8941 that uses SCCP, you can find the file gb-sccp-sip.jar.

  • Copy the file to your flash memory or TFTP server.

  • Add the following command to your CME configuration: tftp-server flash0:/its/gb-sccp-sip.jar alias French_France/gb-sccp-sip.jar (replace flash0:/its/ with your flash memory or TFTP server location).

  • Reset your phone and verify that the language has changed.

For more information on how to use locale files in CME, you can refer to the [CME guide], especially the section titled Using the Locale Installer in CME 7.0.1 or later.

If you have any questions or issues with Cme Full 9 1 Locale.rar, you can visit the [Cisco Community] and ask for help from other users or experts.


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